How to fed your children when you're vegan...

Okay, I'm late again. I was forced.
Yesterday evening, I had a talk with my parents. While my mother is of the opinion, that I should plan my day as I want to, my father sauys, I have to stop standing up so early. I tried to tell him, that I have an advanced morning routine I like to stick at every simgle day, but eventually I wasn't able to stand up when I want. So, this morning I didn't go jogging; neither did I blog or answer my messages. It's just super messed up and I'm like a little pissed of now.

Today, my father send me an e- mail including an online article with the title 'Vegans Are Threatening Their Health: Nourishing Kinds Vegan Is Absurd'. I didn't read the whole article, but browsed through it. The content wasn't hard to understand. So, on the occasion of this, I want to talk about my opinions about eating vegan/ feeding kids vegan.
So. I'm vegan and I did make this decision for ethnical reasons. I didn't care much abput my health and I'm still not caring about it very much. On the other hand, i know, that there are a lot of people, that went vegan for either being healthier or making a diet, whe one doesn't have to starve.
Obviosly there are statistics, proving that vegan is healthier. There are statistics claiming that meat is healthier as well. As always, there are at least as much statistics for being vegan as against it.
I, personally feel more energetic and cheery after wenting vegan. But this could be a result of winning against my depression/ getting my life under control as well. I dunno. My mother says, she feels more awake and alert, when she didn't eat something from animals.
So, there are sick, ill, pale, tired and waery vegans. Surprise, surprise. But when meat- eating would be so much healthier, why are there hundreds and thousands of sick meat- eaters out there?
I really think, that a lot of  civilasation diseases could be avoided by eating vegan.
For me, eating animals just makes no sense at all. This is my reason.
So, there are this people, who use to feed their children vegan. I don't really know, what I'm thinking about this. On the one hand it's ironic to be vegan but buy unvegan food. People are vegan to not support animal's products. So, by buying meat, eggs and milk for their children, they don't help it very much.
Here is an example (I know, the example is very radical and exaggerating, but it shows it pretty well, I think):
Just imagine, you have a friend, who's a racialist. So, you know, he's racist, but he's your friend, so you like him. Then he asks you to borrow him money for a gun, from what you know, he'll use it to kill a black.(In this case, he would be a murderer as well..)
Would you do it? He's your friend, but killing blacks is against your opinion.
So, this it, why I wouldn't appreciate a vegan buying animal products, even if they're for others.
But, on the other hand, parents would take away freedom from their children. To my mind, freedom is one of the most importanst values, that musn't be violated. So, parents, that force their childrens to eat a certain food or don't eat a certain food are violating their kid's rights. But, from this point of view, parents who make their kids eat vegetables instead of sweets would be taking away freedom as well. One could argue, that tjis is for the childrens own health, but vegan is said to be healthier as well.

It's a catch-22 situation and I don't know what to think.
Somehow, this is really pointles, because I don't want to have children altogether.
So, however, bye


Some Japanese Styles, I love*

Hey, everyone (I really should think of a more interesting greeting)
I like Japan.
No, I love Japan.
Seriously, this country is for many many reasons one of my favorites. One of this reasons are styles, that were invented there. According to diffrent styles, Japan is a way more open country than others. So here are some of my favorit styles
~NOTE: I'm pretty sure, that all of this following styles are coming from Japan. Nevertheless it's possible, that some of the followings styles have their original orgin in other countries.

Pastel Goth

This style consists mainly of cute elements in pastel colors, mixed with black gothic elements. What I really like about this style is the fact, that its a kind of compromise for people like me, who like everything that's cute and light, but are in love with gothic stuff as well. I once tried pastel goth by wearing light pink T shirts and accesoires with black tights and skirt. To be honest, it didn't look very good. (picture)

This is a style, where I have no experience in. It's somehow a little strict style, so I'm not quit sure, whether the following facts are right. Lolita style consits of a dress, that is a kind of blouse with puffed sleeves and a pleated skirt to the knees. Furthermore, Lolitas are wearing tights or long socks and often ribbons or other cute accesoires. They often have bangs and curled hair.
Lolita is not one only style, but it's parted into a lot of kinds and variations. the ones, I like the most are:

Sweet Lolita
I like cute stuff. Sweet Lolitas are about wearing light pastel colors (mostly pink), cute patterns and other cute elements. The problem is, that as I'm very tall, I'm not very likely to look cute. I think, I'm not cute at all. So, I'm wondering, whether I'll wear this style even once. (picture)

Punk Lolita
One of my favorites as well. Punk Lolitas is a mix between Punk and Lolita, that leads to the colors red, white and black, buttons or colorful hair. I think, Punk Lolita would be a style a lot easier to manage for me. This style can be crated with 'normal' clothes more likely then others, but one often looks too punky too less Lolita. (picture)

Pirate Lolita
Okay, this is a really rare and difficult style, but it exists, so I'll blogg about! This style consists of punky elements as well, next to typical pirate's paraphernalia like skulls or sabers. I think it just looks like how one would imagine a cute pirate's bride. I think, this is more a costume than a style, one could wear daily.

This is no type of lolita but a fashion, that I really really like. I think, a lot of people, that search for Decora in google would be like
'What tha hack is THIS?'
So Decora is basically about wearing a lot. A lot of accesoires a lot of tights and socks; one over another, a lot of buttons and a lot of clothes. As the classic Decora style is really colorful and mixes a lot of patterns, there are some substyles as well. (picture)
The one, I love the most is

Pastel Decora
I'm not certain, whether this is a real style, but it's what I call my very favorite Japanese fashion. As it's Decora, thereare alot of accessoires as well but compared to the classic Decora, it's a lot less than this. The most elements are cute and adorable. The basic colors a pastel pink, purple, blue or white, what is also used for the hair. So this style is cute and lovely as Lolita but a bit crazy and funny as well. I love it.
But there's this problem again. I'm tall and skinny and narrow, what isn't a good condition for cute styles. Nevertheless, I'm planning to at least try out this style one time. (picture)

So, this was it. These are the styles, I think of at the very moment. I'm positive, there are a lot more cool styles out there and I'll keep searching. For today, this are my favorites.
See you tomorrow


my vegan story

Okay, as I promised, I'll now write about a 'real' topic!
I'm vegan. Okay bye.
Just kidding.
As I accomplished my 'vegan- outing' at this blog as well, it's a good opportunity to blog about this topic. When it comes to partys, feasts or other celebrations, where people use to eat food, I can really count the minutes to me saying 'I'm vegan'. As response, a lot of people use to say:
'Why the f*** are you vegan?'
Okay, the most people arent's cussing.

So, I want to tell you my vegan story, how I came to be vegan and what it's trigger was. Fortunately, I recognize the way, I became vegan, very excactly.
So, as I was a little child, I was a complete meat- eater, obviously. Nevertheless I had the luck to grow up in an environmentally conscious family. My mother was vegetarian as long as I can think of her. We used to don't buy plastic bags, buy the most food regional or bio and so on.
I remember a 'talk I had with myself', when I thought about animals. On the one hand, I really loved meat and its flavor. It's just nice. On the other hand, I though about the animals, that are killed in order to make meat. It's not justice to kill them, I thought but I didn't want to stop eating meat as well. I knew, I somhow said to myself, that this is a thing, I still have to make up with me.
Years passed. And I got interested about youtube. I was watching a german News Channel, called 'Was geht ab?'´. One day, they posted this video, in which they talked about a peta campaign against fur. (I can't find the video. I don't know whether they've deleted it or... I'll keep searching) So, peta craeted a Mario- orientated game, in which Marios is wearing a fur, while the turtle, that's following him, is skinned and bloody. This was connected about a peta video about fur.
This day, I watched about all peta videos aviable on its youtube channel at this very time. It was the day, when I decided that for me, it's right to be vegan.
But there was a problem. It was the time when I was planning for my student exchange programm in Japan as well. In Japan, I knew, it would be completely impossible to be even vegetarian. It's a meat eater's society and other types of nurishments aren't really accepted there.
So, I moves my nutrition change plans to after my exchange and focused on Japan. It was a beautiful experience after all but is strengthened my vegan plans as well. In Japan, how lovely and wonderful this country is, animals are mostly treated likt sh*t. Its even worse.
So, from the moment, I stepped intro the plan I ate vegan. And I'm damn happy with it.

So, this was my vegan story. I really hope, you enjoey it, see you tomorrow !

What I'll blog about..

Hey, guys!
As I was browsing through my blog posts, I realized, that it's pointless to just keep an online diary here. Unless something interesting happened this day, it makes no sense to write day after day: 'I was in school, it was was so and so and then I studied and this was so and so...' It's boring and meningless. So, obviously I'm going to keep writing important, funny or interesting things, that happened to me but I'm not going to copy every day here. Instead of, I'm planning to write posts about several topics. My hought abouthappenings, my opinion, explainations, maybe tutorials as well. So, the cathegories, I'm planning to write about are:

  • veganism
  • Japan & Japanese pop culture
  • studying & school
  • Fimo
  • sewing
  • painting
  • youtube
Maybe, this list is going to expand, maybe it'll decrease. But tentatively I'm going to orientate myself to this topics.
So, this was just an info- post, the real post follows in minutes~
By then


~review: Back To The Future

Here it is! My Back To The Future Movie Review!
~Note: I'm going to review all three parts in one
As I told you, I recently watched this movie again becuase of its kind of 'jubilee'.
I watched it the first time with my family and my father somehow managed to put the whole three movies on my computer. Till then, I watched it over and over again.
I really, really , really like this movie.
First of all, time travelling is just a damn interesting idea, that gets presented in diffrent books and movies in a diffrent way. Here we have the Delorian (I seriously don't know, how to spell this word).
It is very interesting to follow th diffrent and sometimes very confusing time connections, that are linked with each other. You always have to 'reset' your brain during the movie to understand the new time and its realytions.
I love the 'times', that are presented there. I'm pretty positive, that I wasn't already born at the movies publication, I grew up in the early 21st century. So, I don't really know, how realistic the times, shown in the movies, actually are, but it's just so fascinating to see the diffrent times there.
The wild west is probably my most disliked time in the movies, what dosn't mean, it's not interesting. It reminds me somehow of typical wild west action movies. What I really like is the music, they're playing at htis kind of 'village celebration'. But I don't really symphazise with this women, Doc fells in love with.
1955 is a very interesting time. I can't really describes, what makes it so interesting but I just like this old- fashioned style. Marty meeting his parents in their youth is also very interesting as well. I really like, how they showed the 1955's society and typical family ('You have two TVs? Wow, you have to be rich!')
1985, Martys real time. I like this year as well as it's for me not the normal lifestyle. I think it would be interesting to watch this movie as somebody, who actually grew up in one of this years and knows, how the world was this days.
Eventually the future. probably the most intesting time mentioned in the movie, as it didn't yet happened, when the movie was published. Now we have 2015 and its astonishing, what the movie's produces imagined the future to be like. Compared to the images shown there, we are just a very poor and immature time. It's also interesting to have a look of what actually came true.
And I really would like to have a hoverboard.
I like the actors of this movie so much. To my mind, Michael J. Fox just fits Marty McFly so perfectly and makes this character very realistic and loveable. Christopher Iloyd is a great actor as well, presenting the typical 'Crazy Professor'. All the actors did very good work at this movie as well as the director.
Okay, now we come to the part of the movie, what is for me a very important criteria to sort out poor movies: realism. Okay, there actually are some very unealistics parts in this movie. For example are Marty or Biff never blamed for destorying cafes/ parks/ houses etc., what is some kind of not so very realistic. Marty talking to himself is an unrealistic point as well, made to help the viewer understand his thoughts. They this typical people- are- very- intelligent and people- are- very- stupid actions as well but I'm okay with them.
So, as I said, I love this movies and would recommend it to anybody, who likes movies in general.
Go watch it!


A sick, long schoolday

Hey everybody out there!
Yestday was a very interesting but also exhausting and sick day.
First of all I have here the photod of tht two Fimo items I finished:
As I already said, the right one looks like it's covered with blood and not with barry sauce. Furthermore, the nailpolish is still sticking on the fingers, even though it's already dried. I also don't know, whether one can recognize the plate, tha cake is laying on.

The first lesson in school was english. The teacher talked a long while about the recent classtest and the longer she talked, the more had I the feeling that I srewed up the test. However, the teacher gave back the test scores and mine was pretty okay. I got about 75%. I'm okay with it but there's obviously still huge chances to improve. We also got a book about english grammar.
Because I knew, we'd get back the test, this day already started a bit sick. Because of the agiation and fear I felt sick.
This sickness increased in music science where we maybe sang a bit too loud for my head. I had a headache.
In lunch break, me and some of my friends had to go to a kind of 'gifted program'. I was proud to be there, beacause it was my own earning. Futhermore, this educaton camps sounded very interesting.
Aftr this, we only had a few minutes to go to the next lesson. I don't like my german teacher very much. She spend about the half lesson talking about words of Yiddish orgin and realized at the end of the lesson, that we are not finished yet. Net lesson will be the casstst, so we'll see..
A few weeks before I handed out a voluntary homework to this teacher. She gave it back (later) with the comment, I should stop doing so much voluntary practice because I still have to have freetime. She only talked really shortly with me about what I wrote.
So, this lesson, she gave back the voluntary homework, what was given her before the fall holday. (Keep in mind that it was our last lesson before the classtest). To this girl, what gave her the homework, she talked very longly and in detail. To my mind, this is unfair. It's okay to study (like everyone) by 'study bulimia' a few days before the exam but it is not okay to study continiously, while the test is still far away.
However, the last lesson was computer science. Even in german lesson I started feeling a little sick and now it increased. I counted the minutes left to the lessons end.
After this, I recognized again, how diffrent German and Japanese schools are. After the last lesson I just went to the toilet quickliy. After this, leiterally nobod was in the school's building anymore. In Japan, nobody is surprised to still see students in the school, one hour after the clubs ended.
At home, I ate something and buyed new collegeblocks:
Because of today's long school, I didn't finish my homework yet so I'll have to do it today. I'm also planning to watch all parts of Back To The Future because today is somehow the movie's jubilee; at october 21st 2015, marty McFly arrives in the future(what is very much more developt than out present time is)
So, then, see you later


Being creative at the last holiday

I knew it. I knew it. As I'm writing everything down aday after it happened today, I had to write down about yesterday. As ever, Iwanted to do it after my morning routine, but I simly... forgot it. However, fortunatly I have some free time now, so I can write now instead.
Yesterday was the last day of fall holidays. I had a bit huge to do list, but somehow managed it to accomplish it partly. The rest of theday, I spend creatively working.
I drew some pictures.
The first one is for my friend's birthday party, the others are just for fun. I don't really like the rilakkuma picure. It looks weird. The third picuture should depict a cute decora outfit,but it actually get to gaudy and dark.
I went on (as ever) with fimo. I finished my big, brown chocolate cake with 4 pieces, but it got to thick, I think. On my fathers recommendation, I made a piece of a strawberry cake. my mother actually thought, it was a LEGO brick. I still have to practice. After that, I created another chocolate cake jewellry.
During this activities I watched movies or youtube, what was both funny. I listened to Joey Graceffa's 'Don't Wait', what is seriously one of the greatest songs, I've ever listened to. I think, it is regreted as his coming out, but also without htis knowledge is the song (and the music video) amazing.

After this, I tried to find some not- so- very- scary- horrormovies. As I'm still a beginner in horrorfilms and get scared easily, I wanted to watch some movies, after which I probably could even sleep at night. So I watched 'One Missed Call'. The movie has actually an interesting idea and I like the plots starting, but the 'solution' and the end was really disappointing.
The end was just like 'Oh, the killer will go on killing people. Bye', what leaded to the seccond movie, I guess(which I didn't watch).

Then I started watching 'The Others', but I'm not finished yet. The beginning at least is very interesting. Before lunch, I was forced by my parents to go for a stroll with them and my mother. I like our forest, but I would prefer to go out, when I want to.
However, this was my very last day of fall holidays.


a huge day

Hey everybody,
yesterday was seriosly a really productive day. I already exposed my to-do-list to avoid, that I get bored, but i even finished this bigger to do list at about 2 o'clock. It included basically studying and also writing two blog posts. After this, i cleaned and tidied up my room a bit to make it more minamalistic. I stilll have too much stuff. As I was still bored, I startet sewing a blouse with puffed sleeves. I only had enough white fabric so I wanted to do something cute,white clothes. This costed a lot longer than I expected it. I spended the whole afternoon sewing but I'm still not ready at all.
I like the puffed sleeves, but they are a way too narrow; it is a bit problematic to pull on the blouse. Futhermore I sewed the shoulder's part to small, so that I had to add more fabric. But, well, practice makes perfect. I just have to keep on trying. While sewing, I listened to music and watched youtube videos. And I watched Unfriended' again. I seriously love this movie.
The last time, I was a bit struggling with my daily plan. I mean, my to-do-lists are working and I often get them done almost completely but I still discovered a lot of time costing distractions. So, yesterday I had this plan:
where I documented everything, I've done this day. The left column is for the hours, the upper line for the minutes. I simly wrote done everything, what I've done this minute. In the evening I had a look at it and I think it will help me identify some distractions. I'll continue this the next week.
Next wednesday is the 21st october 2015. The day, when Marty McFly travels in the future. It is kind od the jubilee of Back To The Future. So, a lot of cinemas do annivesary film shows, where you can see the whole 3 parts. I'm still thinking, whether I should go there.
When I saw the movies, I planned on doing a 'future- cosplay' at this day, but now I think, the time is a way too short.
However, have a super day & see you tomorrow


~review: "Unfriended"

Hey guys,
I recently wantched the movie 'Unfriended', which was really popularamong last year.
In the movie, there are like a few friends of a girl, who commited suicide after being bullyed online because of an embarassing video. It's teh day of the anniversary of her death, when theiy are skyping and akward things start to happen. The whole movie's perspective is Blaire's(the protagonist) computer screen, what is really tricky I think.
It is mainly a horror movie and as I am far from a horror movie pro, I got like freaked out the first time I watched it. That the perspective is only this one girl's screen 'restricts' the scary scenes a bit, but in my opinion it's still really creepy. The first night after watching this, I seriously problems with sleeping. Even though it could barely happen in my apparent world, I just could'nt stop thinking about the movie.
As it's a horror movie, in the end they all died. It was really sad in my opinion and a each time I see this movie I am literarry crying. I saw a few other reviews, saying that the characters are not likeable. I don't agree to this at all. I don't know, whether I can identify quickly with characters, but I kind of felt in love with those. The reason, I think about this movie so much is becaus literally everybody dies and I can't stop fantazing about whether they could be saved somehow. I really would have liked it more, when at least a part of the guys would have survived.

However, I really like this movie and would recommend it to everybody, who likes horror/ tension/ teen movies. Have a look at it :)
Well then, see you 

I woke up lately..

Hey guys,
Yesterday I woke up at about 9 o`clock what it really late by my stadards. Whenever I wake up this late I feel like the day is already gone. After I spended 3 hours of prouductive acitivities, I felt like it was 9 even though it was already 12 o'clock this time. However, so I skipt the majority of my mourning routine and got to work. I did several stuff of studying.
Later in the day I went to the stationary store and buyed those:
 I cut them in half and had light pink A8 flashcards. While studying vocablurary, I wondered, whether this kind of studying really makes sense. I really went on with this technique for a long time  and it was working very well.
The problem is, that I learn the ideas seperately. I miss the connections between facts. This was, why I introuduced mind maps to my studying. They can be relly helpful for understanding the connenctions between things. I think, with them, I can study faster.
I made several mind maps for my diffrent subjects but I'm still struggling with English. I mean, it's possible to remember history events, grammar and text outlines by this. But I still don't get, how I should visualize vocablurary with mind maps. So I used flashcards, wondering whether this is useful.
In order to improve my studying skills (and because I had time) I did a little research and read (roughly) '10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (While Studying Less)' by thecollegeinfogeek. There were some very helpful tips, I want to tranlate into action.
I started with introuducing a color coding system for my pens. It looks this way:
I didn't tried out this system yet completly but it's already working partly.
Then I still was kind of bored and start drewing while watching youtube videos. I really shoul'nt be suprised that I get paranoid when I wantch all this creepypasta story.
Well then, have a nice day


cinema, vegan restaurant and zombie costume

Hey everybody,
yesterday was a rather productive day, seriously. In the morning I made myself jogging, what was really great. After this, I finished birthday card for my friends and I reallly like them:
Aren't they cute? Then I finished my zombie costume. I used lipstick, lip pencil, eye liner and eye pencil to create the pattern at my medical smocks. As it should look like a zombie`s one, I drew some kind of bloody wounds and dirt. After this, I used a scissors and  rasp to make it look a little tattered. Finally, it looked like this:
I think, it`s okay. I went on with some studying. Tody came my firstedition of the 'Educational TIME'. I yet didn`t read a lot, but it sounds interesting. For lunch, I made myself tomato soup and a meat- substitute- ham. As ever, it tasted great! I really love this substitudes, even though I think I drink a chimical coctail by eating them. 
For the 'real' lunch, I ate out with my friend and our mothers at a vegan restaurant. It was very delicous but sometimes too spicy for my tast. We ate a colorful mix of salad, burgers and vegetable balls. The dessert were pancakes with fruits, soo tasty! I once tried vegan pancakes by myself, but they didin't become cooked. Futhermore, I buyed a chocolate cookie, which was also very tasty.
As I mentioned, I went there with my friend. I really like her, but as we are both introverts, conversations are sometimes a bit difficult.
Later, we went to the cinema to watch 'inside out'. 
I really like the movies idea that everyone`s brain includes several parts, which are controlling the behaviour in a diffrent way. But in the end, it turned out as a illogical adventure movie. How could it be possible, that suddenly a part of the long- term memory breakes down? How should a memory suddenly become sad? I really don`t like movies, that have illogical plots. The final message was like 'Even sadness is important' but to my mind, rage and fear are important as well.
However, it was funny.
When we were home, it was already very late, so I didn`t do more than brush my teeth and change my clothes before going to bed. It somehow disturbed my evening routine.
However, it was a nice day
See you tomorrow


Let`s refresh this blog!

Hey guys,
uhm, this is kind of a restart for my blog, where I posted the last time about a half year ago. I recently thought about my desire for a blog and I decided to just "refresh" this old one. I really don`t want to spend much time indrouducing myself but just start blogging!
I still don`t really know, what this blog will be specifically about, I think I`ll just start blogging about my life and what`s going on here.
Although a planned a bunch of stuff getting done yesterday, I just took a "day- off". I mean, I wasn`t completely unproductive but I just did things, that are fun. I prepared stuff for my friend`s birthday parties while watching youtube videos all day. I seriously did not study one minute.
As one of my friends is making a kind of "halloween" party, I started the day sewing my zombie costume. originally, I wanted to sew a long white shirt like this;
But as I´m still far away from a sewing pro, it turned out to look this way:
As I sewed the front a way to small, I`m not able to button it up, but it`s now a kind of white jacket. My friend sayed, it looks like medical smocks. However, I cleaned it and today I aim to put the fake blood on it. We`ll see.
After that I decided to start making some cute, small gifts for my friend. I used Fimo to create little things according to their birthday party`s "topic".
For my friend, for whose birthday I created the shirt, I made those Fimo gifts:
I wanted to make something scary but somehow in a cute way. As she`s a bit like me, she also likes kawaii and cute stuff. It turned out, that the gifts are entirely cute and not scary at all. The skull is from The Nightmare Before Christmas, what my friend really likes.
As ever, the white Fimo somehow turned light pink because I baked it too hard.
My other friend`s planning to make a "detective" birthday party, what lead me to create some "crime" items for her:
The pistol really got shallower than I`ve planned it but you can still understand, what it is, so I guess it is okay. The other thing is a hard- visible magnifying glass.
After that i tried some zombie make up, but in the end I just had a red- brown face, which looked barely like a zombie. I will have to think about this late.
As I sayed, I wantched the whole day youtube videos, what was very funny but kind of pointless.
However, have a nice day, see you hopefully tomorrow !