a huge day

Hey everybody,
yesterday was seriosly a really productive day. I already exposed my to-do-list to avoid, that I get bored, but i even finished this bigger to do list at about 2 o'clock. It included basically studying and also writing two blog posts. After this, i cleaned and tidied up my room a bit to make it more minamalistic. I stilll have too much stuff. As I was still bored, I startet sewing a blouse with puffed sleeves. I only had enough white fabric so I wanted to do something cute,white clothes. This costed a lot longer than I expected it. I spended the whole afternoon sewing but I'm still not ready at all.
I like the puffed sleeves, but they are a way too narrow; it is a bit problematic to pull on the blouse. Futhermore I sewed the shoulder's part to small, so that I had to add more fabric. But, well, practice makes perfect. I just have to keep on trying. While sewing, I listened to music and watched youtube videos. And I watched Unfriended' again. I seriously love this movie.
The last time, I was a bit struggling with my daily plan. I mean, my to-do-lists are working and I often get them done almost completely but I still discovered a lot of time costing distractions. So, yesterday I had this plan:
where I documented everything, I've done this day. The left column is for the hours, the upper line for the minutes. I simly wrote done everything, what I've done this minute. In the evening I had a look at it and I think it will help me identify some distractions. I'll continue this the next week.
Next wednesday is the 21st october 2015. The day, when Marty McFly travels in the future. It is kind od the jubilee of Back To The Future. So, a lot of cinemas do annivesary film shows, where you can see the whole 3 parts. I'm still thinking, whether I should go there.
When I saw the movies, I planned on doing a 'future- cosplay' at this day, but now I think, the time is a way too short.
However, have a super day & see you tomorrow

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