How to fed your children when you're vegan...

Okay, I'm late again. I was forced.
Yesterday evening, I had a talk with my parents. While my mother is of the opinion, that I should plan my day as I want to, my father sauys, I have to stop standing up so early. I tried to tell him, that I have an advanced morning routine I like to stick at every simgle day, but eventually I wasn't able to stand up when I want. So, this morning I didn't go jogging; neither did I blog or answer my messages. It's just super messed up and I'm like a little pissed of now.

Today, my father send me an e- mail including an online article with the title 'Vegans Are Threatening Their Health: Nourishing Kinds Vegan Is Absurd'. I didn't read the whole article, but browsed through it. The content wasn't hard to understand. So, on the occasion of this, I want to talk about my opinions about eating vegan/ feeding kids vegan.
So. I'm vegan and I did make this decision for ethnical reasons. I didn't care much abput my health and I'm still not caring about it very much. On the other hand, i know, that there are a lot of people, that went vegan for either being healthier or making a diet, whe one doesn't have to starve.
Obviosly there are statistics, proving that vegan is healthier. There are statistics claiming that meat is healthier as well. As always, there are at least as much statistics for being vegan as against it.
I, personally feel more energetic and cheery after wenting vegan. But this could be a result of winning against my depression/ getting my life under control as well. I dunno. My mother says, she feels more awake and alert, when she didn't eat something from animals.
So, there are sick, ill, pale, tired and waery vegans. Surprise, surprise. But when meat- eating would be so much healthier, why are there hundreds and thousands of sick meat- eaters out there?
I really think, that a lot of  civilasation diseases could be avoided by eating vegan.
For me, eating animals just makes no sense at all. This is my reason.
So, there are this people, who use to feed their children vegan. I don't really know, what I'm thinking about this. On the one hand it's ironic to be vegan but buy unvegan food. People are vegan to not support animal's products. So, by buying meat, eggs and milk for their children, they don't help it very much.
Here is an example (I know, the example is very radical and exaggerating, but it shows it pretty well, I think):
Just imagine, you have a friend, who's a racialist. So, you know, he's racist, but he's your friend, so you like him. Then he asks you to borrow him money for a gun, from what you know, he'll use it to kill a black.(In this case, he would be a murderer as well..)
Would you do it? He's your friend, but killing blacks is against your opinion.
So, this it, why I wouldn't appreciate a vegan buying animal products, even if they're for others.
But, on the other hand, parents would take away freedom from their children. To my mind, freedom is one of the most importanst values, that musn't be violated. So, parents, that force their childrens to eat a certain food or don't eat a certain food are violating their kid's rights. But, from this point of view, parents who make their kids eat vegetables instead of sweets would be taking away freedom as well. One could argue, that tjis is for the childrens own health, but vegan is said to be healthier as well.

It's a catch-22 situation and I don't know what to think.
Somehow, this is really pointles, because I don't want to have children altogether.
So, however, bye

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