my vegan story

Okay, as I promised, I'll now write about a 'real' topic!
I'm vegan. Okay bye.
Just kidding.
As I accomplished my 'vegan- outing' at this blog as well, it's a good opportunity to blog about this topic. When it comes to partys, feasts or other celebrations, where people use to eat food, I can really count the minutes to me saying 'I'm vegan'. As response, a lot of people use to say:
'Why the f*** are you vegan?'
Okay, the most people arent's cussing.

So, I want to tell you my vegan story, how I came to be vegan and what it's trigger was. Fortunately, I recognize the way, I became vegan, very excactly.
So, as I was a little child, I was a complete meat- eater, obviously. Nevertheless I had the luck to grow up in an environmentally conscious family. My mother was vegetarian as long as I can think of her. We used to don't buy plastic bags, buy the most food regional or bio and so on.
I remember a 'talk I had with myself', when I thought about animals. On the one hand, I really loved meat and its flavor. It's just nice. On the other hand, I though about the animals, that are killed in order to make meat. It's not justice to kill them, I thought but I didn't want to stop eating meat as well. I knew, I somhow said to myself, that this is a thing, I still have to make up with me.
Years passed. And I got interested about youtube. I was watching a german News Channel, called 'Was geht ab?'´. One day, they posted this video, in which they talked about a peta campaign against fur. (I can't find the video. I don't know whether they've deleted it or... I'll keep searching) So, peta craeted a Mario- orientated game, in which Marios is wearing a fur, while the turtle, that's following him, is skinned and bloody. This was connected about a peta video about fur.
This day, I watched about all peta videos aviable on its youtube channel at this very time. It was the day, when I decided that for me, it's right to be vegan.
But there was a problem. It was the time when I was planning for my student exchange programm in Japan as well. In Japan, I knew, it would be completely impossible to be even vegetarian. It's a meat eater's society and other types of nurishments aren't really accepted there.
So, I moves my nutrition change plans to after my exchange and focused on Japan. It was a beautiful experience after all but is strengthened my vegan plans as well. In Japan, how lovely and wonderful this country is, animals are mostly treated likt sh*t. Its even worse.
So, from the moment, I stepped intro the plan I ate vegan. And I'm damn happy with it.

So, this was my vegan story. I really hope, you enjoey it, see you tomorrow !

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