Some Japanese Styles, I love*

Hey, everyone (I really should think of a more interesting greeting)
I like Japan.
No, I love Japan.
Seriously, this country is for many many reasons one of my favorites. One of this reasons are styles, that were invented there. According to diffrent styles, Japan is a way more open country than others. So here are some of my favorit styles
~NOTE: I'm pretty sure, that all of this following styles are coming from Japan. Nevertheless it's possible, that some of the followings styles have their original orgin in other countries.

Pastel Goth

This style consists mainly of cute elements in pastel colors, mixed with black gothic elements. What I really like about this style is the fact, that its a kind of compromise for people like me, who like everything that's cute and light, but are in love with gothic stuff as well. I once tried pastel goth by wearing light pink T shirts and accesoires with black tights and skirt. To be honest, it didn't look very good. (picture)

This is a style, where I have no experience in. It's somehow a little strict style, so I'm not quit sure, whether the following facts are right. Lolita style consits of a dress, that is a kind of blouse with puffed sleeves and a pleated skirt to the knees. Furthermore, Lolitas are wearing tights or long socks and often ribbons or other cute accesoires. They often have bangs and curled hair.
Lolita is not one only style, but it's parted into a lot of kinds and variations. the ones, I like the most are:

Sweet Lolita
I like cute stuff. Sweet Lolitas are about wearing light pastel colors (mostly pink), cute patterns and other cute elements. The problem is, that as I'm very tall, I'm not very likely to look cute. I think, I'm not cute at all. So, I'm wondering, whether I'll wear this style even once. (picture)

Punk Lolita
One of my favorites as well. Punk Lolitas is a mix between Punk and Lolita, that leads to the colors red, white and black, buttons or colorful hair. I think, Punk Lolita would be a style a lot easier to manage for me. This style can be crated with 'normal' clothes more likely then others, but one often looks too punky too less Lolita. (picture)

Pirate Lolita
Okay, this is a really rare and difficult style, but it exists, so I'll blogg about! This style consists of punky elements as well, next to typical pirate's paraphernalia like skulls or sabers. I think it just looks like how one would imagine a cute pirate's bride. I think, this is more a costume than a style, one could wear daily.

This is no type of lolita but a fashion, that I really really like. I think, a lot of people, that search for Decora in google would be like
'What tha hack is THIS?'
So Decora is basically about wearing a lot. A lot of accesoires a lot of tights and socks; one over another, a lot of buttons and a lot of clothes. As the classic Decora style is really colorful and mixes a lot of patterns, there are some substyles as well. (picture)
The one, I love the most is

Pastel Decora
I'm not certain, whether this is a real style, but it's what I call my very favorite Japanese fashion. As it's Decora, thereare alot of accessoires as well but compared to the classic Decora, it's a lot less than this. The most elements are cute and adorable. The basic colors a pastel pink, purple, blue or white, what is also used for the hair. So this style is cute and lovely as Lolita but a bit crazy and funny as well. I love it.
But there's this problem again. I'm tall and skinny and narrow, what isn't a good condition for cute styles. Nevertheless, I'm planning to at least try out this style one time. (picture)

So, this was it. These are the styles, I think of at the very moment. I'm positive, there are a lot more cool styles out there and I'll keep searching. For today, this are my favorites.
See you tomorrow

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