travel2japan: #1 How everything started

Hey guys!
So, I was to Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm no going to do this. 
Some backround information:
I was to Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added inretrospect)

#1 How everything started    

Real date: March 3rd

I'm writing this entry afterwards while I'm finishing my German homework in between. In fact, this things happened partly already about one and a half year ago; errors excepted.
We liked mangas. How we got round to do this, would be too long to write down now. (My friend liked mangas since a long while and she sometimes showed my manga pictures or songs. One day, when I was bored, I started watching ONE PIECE, what marked the beginning to my manga addiction.) We, however, liked the country, where the most of mangas are from: Japan. We just liked it, how you like a nation,your favorite consumtion goods are from. Lisa (I changed everybody's name) once started studying Japanes with a Japanese training book, what she gave up soon.
Someday, Mrs. M, our homeroom teacher back then, mentioned (as it probably is her educational duty) that there is the oportunity to spend a school year abroud. She put some magazines on the teacher's desk. Lisa and I looked at each other and said both "Japan" or so... We had a look at the magazines and Lisa obviously managed it to tell our plan everyone, what lead to Mrs.M recognizing it soon.
In the following break, we went to one of these magazine rack in our school's auditorium and looked at more magazines. I remember Anna saying "You won't manage that anymore, everything would have to be already arranged.". But we didn't care.
At this very day, I excitetly rode home, somehow thinking, that from now, I will spend any free time with Japan(ese). My mom was still at work and I spent all day researching about Japan and student exchanges. When my mom came home then, I told her with some hem and haw, that I want to spend '5 month in Tokyo' maybe. (what was very stupid in retrospect. As if other places in Japan wouln't be great as well) Then, I  rattled on Japan at her.
Lisa told me, I think it was already the next day, that her mother would be okay with Lisa going to Japan up to one year(!), whereas my parents were extremely sceptic.
(Some days later) Lisa and me (+her mother +my father) visited some kind of information session at a school in our near, what we were told about by a letter to the parents. There, some questions about exchange years were talked about squishy,  some 'returned people' talked about her experiences briefly and a few exchange organizations were ther for questions. Lisa and I recognized the two organizations, that provided a program in Japan soon: AFS and YFU. But both programs were for a whole year only.
This session didn't actually answer questions. It rather aroused interest, strengthened goals and confirmed intentions.

I hope, you liked this part. 
-->next part #2 Organization stuff


I'm focused

Hey, guys!
This post is gonna be  both a tip and a daily post about my life. So, I think, I'm studying a lot. Even though I obviously do other things as well, the majority of my wake time is filled with studying. As I don't have so much time to participate in other activities, I've been asked by both my friends and family. why I study so much.
The answer is my goal. There is this university, I really want to study at. It's in a town, more beautiful than any other place, I've visited so far. It's a really great and good university, but it's difficult, too. Therefor, my final school grades have to be very good to enable me the acess to this university. This is my aim so far.
As a lot of peole, I know have aims and goal, they want to achieve badly, there are also people, who don't stay focused on their goals. They have a high goal and the will to acieve it, but they don't keep on track, so they fail sooner or later.
I don't want to say that I'm perfect or everytime on my goal completely, but I think, I manage to stay focused about the most time. In doing so, I use a method, I adopted from collegeinfogeek as well. It is basically about naming a few goals, you only focus on. That meand, apart from this goal, any activity(that is distracting you from the goal) has to be avoided. I made a small list for myself, what is sticked to my loadspeaker, so that I can see and remember it anytime, I am in my room. The list consists of

  • Studying
  • Learning Japanese
  • Blogging
  • Working on my comic
So, I avoid anything else but this four main goals, As I wrote down the aims in descending scale according to their importance, I focus on the first one the most. 
This list helpt me very often to stay focused and do the things, I have to
I hope, this was a little helpful and you got an idea of how this method works
By for now :)


study tips- reading a book effectively

Hey, guys
As I had a new reading asignment a few weeks ago, I want to tell you about my reading technique today. With this technique I use to get a good understanding about the book's plot ant structure and can refer to thoughts and stylistic conspicuousnesses and other characteristics later on in class. This technique is not about speed- reading or just understanding a text but about working at it deeply (as it is required in school)

So, when I read a book, I use to read the blurb and the author's short biography first, what helps me later on, interpreting and analyzing the book in the right way. There may be a lot of hints about the books intention and moral hidden in these textes.
Then I read the book, chapter for chapter from start to finish complately. As it's very important to stay focused (especally, when it's an ancient and therefore hard understandable book), I read carefully and reread a sentence as many time as I need to understand
During the reading process, I take some notes. First of all, I use a color pens to hightlight special words.
The color code is as follows: green- dates; red- places and countries; purple- groups and populations; orange- persons; pink- important key words or sentences.
When there is an important dialogue I often use two diffrent colors to mark th diffrent preson's speeches and their thoughts/ outward appearance.
Furthermore, I take some notes on plot, structure, rhetorical devices and analysing approach with a normal pen on the side. I f I don't understand something, I write it down as well.
After I finished the book, I browse the intenet for further information. I often use wikipedia to check happenings, I din't understand or search for a way of interpretation.
After reading a book, I now have a good understanding of what happened and how it is presented. When the book is worked at in class later on, I haver fewer problems understanding about which part is spoken and what may be the solution quickly.
I hope, you found this tips helpful
Have a nice day !


5 DIY gift ideas for christmas

Hey guys, as I'm preparing gifts for christmas I personally prefer creating presents myself rather than just buying them for friends. Obviously, I often buy gifts as well but I usally add at least one little self- made present. What I like about creatig goods yourself is, that you can make them individually fitting for the person, you want to give them to. You can make a presents just as you think, the other person might like it the best, what is really personal in my opinion. Furthermore, one can be creative and it's fun.
Here we go with 5 DIY presents, I did myslef at least once.

Baking a cake may seem very basic but I'm not talking about a simple choclate or vanilla cake. I oftenn baked my friends muffins, that I used to create individually. For example, I once made cookie monster cupcakes for one of my friends or hamburger muffins for another. A lot of effort has to be put in this creations, but it's so much fun and the wow- effect is guaranteed.

When you've read my blog for a while, you've noticed some fimo goods, I created recently. This tiny things are also a cute and individual way for creating presents. As my friend mada a halloeween- inspirated party, I made her some little halloween characters. As this little goods may be adorable but useless, one can use wire to create a little loop to make it a chain pendant.

A gift, I'm currently working at, is a calender. I bought a reagular, basic calender for one of my frineds (who has no calender for 2016 yet) and I'm 'designing' it currently. That means, I write something down, draw some art, add washi tape for organization and stickers and stampt for the cuteness. A basic calender can be turned into something very indidvidual and interesting, that provides a weekly surprise.

About one year ago I created this kind of gift for my friends twice. It's a huge, huge effort but in my opinion it's worth it. Creating a so- called scrapbook means handicraft a photo album completely youtself with a lot of cardbord, glue and pacience. I really loved making every singe page individual and personal and pretty. it is just a great way of presenting photos and showing memories, although it costs a lot of time and money.

A picture may not be something very useful, but it's a great good to add to a 'normal' present. As I like manga, I use to draw my friends some cute cards with a manga character drawn on it. Throughout this, it's easy to make the gift fitting the friend's taste and hobby or the party's theme. This doen't consume so much effort and can be given to almost everyone.

So, that was my ideas! I really hope, you could get some inspiration and enjoyed reading this post.
Have a nice day!


10 ideas for cute but easy christmas gifts

As I got asked, what I want for christmas besides a bunch of books(that are too expensive for my brither to purchase as a present) I wondered about this question a while.
I made up some ideas, I want to share with you guys. Here we have 10 little goods, that are (in my opinion) really cute, but not too expensive or to hard to purchase(not internet- shopping stuff).

The difficult thing about giving clothes is that there is a hight risk of them not to fite the size or the fashion taste.


Giving 'smaller' clothes, that don't necessarily have a seize, is a better idea, I think.
Socks or caps, for example, fit almost everyone and can, when they're monochrome, barely fail the fashion taste. Plus, they're both very warm and convenient for the winter. I think, that thick socks and caps are very cute.

I personally need tights very often. Not just to wear them unter a skirt but also under thin trouseres to keep the legs warm. As 80% of tights are black or grey, there isn't much to do wrong as well.


I love drinking with straws. Even if it hasn't a particular use, it's just fun to use them, especally when they're so colorful.

Another good idea are ribbons. They are a kind of accessoires, but not so specalized, that they wouldn't fit. Some monochrome ribbons are cheap and can be unified with almost every fashion type.


Post- its are cute and actually useful for organizing and studying. In our local stationery shop, a buch of diffrent Post- its can be purchased. The cuter, the better!


Sticky notes are kind of the same like Post- its, but I want to mention them, because they can be cute without a certain motiv as well. Pastel colored sticky notes are cute as well, I think.

Another idea, that is less cute and more nerdy it giving a manga magazine. here we have to rather popular manga magazines, that deal with Japan and Japanese fashion as well.

If you don't want to give your friend a certain product, give him/ her the ability to create something him-/ herself. A good idea is giving colored handicraft paper, with which a lot of creative stuff can be made.


Finally, another cute idea is a light- colored pillowcase. It can be very fluffy and cute and useful. It's important to keep care on the pillow size.
I hope, you got some ideas and inspirations and enjoyed reading this :)


get gifts or give gifts?

Hey, guys!
As christmas is coming closer and closer, I started buying and preparing gifts and I got asked, what I wish for this year's christmas. Among these discussions is also the debate, whether it's better to get gifts or give gifts.
I personally prefer giving gifts for a few reasons. Obvioulsy, it's cool to get something, you desired for a long time. It's great to open curiously the wrapping paper and take out a wished prouct (although this isn't everytime the case; everybody gets some goods, one didn't want sometimes..)
What I like better is preparing gifts for people, I love. I really enjoy wondering, what he or she could like, going to the city and to the big, glittering shopping malls and spend a lot of money for these certain products. I usually don't 'go shopping', I rather buy in and I just purchase the goods, I really need. Before christmas, however, I just take  some money and buy a bunch of (sometimes really useless) products, without worrying about my bank balance.
I really like 'dresssing up' a gift. After I buyed a product, what really fit's the persons expectations to my mind, I write a imaginatively christmas card, on which I sometimes draw pictures as well. My christmas cards shouldn't be like the run-off-the-mill card (' Merry christmas, bye xxx'), so I spend some time creating a creative text and sign for it.
Then I cover everything carefully in prettty wrapping paper and bind a gift ribbon (sometimes). This whole process costs about two hours and is very enjoyable and satisfactory for me.
Getting gifts, on the other hand, only includes packing the paper, reading a card and being pleased about the gift. It's very joyous as well and obviously a great moment, but it didn't feel like xou actually accomplished something, as it's the case when handing over a finished gift.
For this feeling of satisfaction, I like giving presents bettter.
So, I already start in th mid of november


~recently drawn pictures

I've been drawing some pictures the last week, I'd like to show you. Here we go:

I always wanted to draw a girl embodying my idea of glamour
My first fanart for a youtuber. It should be Connor Franta, but I'm not sure, whether this is noticable.
However,  I'm planning to send/ show him this picture once, because he's such an awesome guy

Some adorablechristmas cards for a friends
It should be cute, but actually...

I hope, you liked this pictures! It was very much fun drawing them :)


Hey, everyone!
I think I kinda 'planned' my life already a year ago roughly, but today, I wat to take the next step in organizing my goal.
This way of planning was inspirated by collegeinfogeek, a youtubre making videos about college and studying, whose blog I use to read as well. At this blog, he introuduced his own so- called 'Impossible List', containing all of the goals, aims and dreams, he wants to achieve in his life. When I first read his list,


good friends, interesting books and weird thoughts

This week (even though it's not over yet) was pretty interesting.
At our school, therewas the oportunity to experience university for one week. I, however, didn't sign in this programm, but actually a lot of my friends did. So, a lot of classes are very small and I have to tell my friends the homework every day, what is kinda annoying. I wonder whether I'd like it to go to a university now as well. I already decided, that I want to study at a certain university, so I wouldn't look out, whether this college, they're no visiting, is appropriate. But experiencing university life so early  would be a nice experience to my mind. On the other hand, it would take a lot of effort and time to catch up this week's school stuff. The first tests are next week,
Paying attention to the closer coming tests, I developt some changes in my study sytem. Each three weeks before the exam, at the exam's weekday, I practice a pre- exam. So I create a task sheet for myself, solve it in the time, we are going to get in the test and check my mistakes afterwards. As it'S easier to identify your most common mistakes this way, I think, this study method is very useful.
As you know, I'm watching a lot of youtube. And a few days ago, I started a very interesting discussion with an staunch omnivore. His/Her argument is that 'killing is a part of the life circle', what I never heard befor. It's a very strange, but interesting perspective. What I like about myself is, that I don't stick necessarily to my opinion. If there's an arguments against it, I would think of it and try to understand it's point of view. I often wonder, whether this, what I'm doing is quite right but till now, I still regret my way of life as a very peaceful and justice one.
Yesterday was a busy day, what led to me not finishing all my asingments, but I like it. Speaking of school, however, it was a bad day. In mathematics I could only participate  very few times and in english I barely participated at all. I don't know, why I'm doing so. I don't use to have any problems with raising my hand and saying something smart, but I just felt kinda overpowerd by my classmates. After this, there were strange thoughts in my head. When I'm failing at school I sometimes think: 'You are so stupid'. But this times, I thought: 'I hate you'. This thought kept repeating in my head after school and I could barely concentrate. I tried to tell myself that, logically seen, one failed lesson would not ruin all of my marks, but the mind isn't rational in times of fear and confusion.
After a while, however, this thought disappeared. It was really weird.
I went to the library and borowwed some seemingly interestig books, among them 'The hate list' by Jennifer Brown, what I already started reading. It's very interesting.
When I drove home, I met a good friend of mine (currently at university as well) and we walked home together, talking interestingly. I think, she is my closest friend and we are very similar. She asked me, whether we should  do something together this weekend, what a I approved of. I don't use to plan events with friends by myself at all, but I really welcome the opportunity of having a great time with my friend (although we still don't really know, what we want to do)
Apart from this, nothing interesting happened.
It was good to just write down everything.


Why do people 'party'?

Hey guys,
there is no real occasion, on which I wrote this post. it's just my personal thoughts about this thing. So, there are really a lot of people, I know, that use to go to parties. Everey friday night, there is a party at anybody's house or ate the public disco, where they 'party', what uses to mean dancing and drinking.
I don't really get the point of partying. I personally don't use to go to this parties, because I don't really understand, why this perople are partying. I can understand parties on the occasion of somebody's birthday or halloween or the new year or another special day in the year. So, I'd guess I visit those celebrations about 10 times a year.
In contrast to this, a lot of people use to party regulary, weekly.
Isn't this dulling people?
When they flip out every weekend, I doubt, that they feel as much fun as if they'd party less common.
I also don't get, what you specifically do at parties. People are standing aroun and drink and smoke and chat and in the disco, some dance.
As I'm an introvert, I wouln't like to party with such a lot of people, I don't know really ore I don't share anything with but the fact, that we're on the same party. I don't think, I would feel very comfortable at this parties.
Maybe, I'll someday understand the magic of going partying..
See you tomorrow


things, I love about Japan

So, I love Japan.
And after travelling there, I love it even more. Here are 10 things/reasons, why I love this Asian country so much.

  • Everybody knows the nerdstuff.
So, I know, that a lot of people don't appreciate persons like me, who like Japanese pop culture. I just want to say, that for me, Japan isn't all about manga and anime but this pop culture was actually the reason, I got interested in this country.
In Japan, I never met a person, who didn't know, what anime/manga/cosplay is. Everybody knows the most popular series and comics and a lot of people are huge fans. Some people even did cosplay. 
So, there is everybody something to talk about.
  • Extremly tasty food, also for vegans
Even though I wasn't yet vegan when I came to Japan, I recognized soon, that there is a lot of delicious food, that isn't made of animal products. Japanese people eat a lot of super tasty rice and vegetables and soups... I love it. Obiously, the non- vegan food is also extremly tasty as well. Maybe, the Japanese people just put more effort in their meals. Here, I used to eat "easy" food like noodles or potatoes very often, but in Japan, every meal consist of four dishes at last. One meal includes such a great variety of tasty foods... it's wonderful. I got to like raw flesh as well...
So, except from one weird, bitter vegetable, I loved everything, I ate there!
  • Everything is cute
I love cute stuff. And Japan is the heaven for cute stuff.
First of all, there are a bunch of brands, that just produce cute things. They're like Hello Kitty but even more adorable. I really love rilakkuma, a brand with a cute, lazy bear and little twin stars, two adorable angel twins. 
According to this, everything else is cute as well. There is an adorable mascot for almost everything. The people and the styles are cute as well. The stores are cute and the sweets are cute and the clothes are cute... I love it <3
  • Nobody complains about a person liking a certain stuff
When an grown- up person likes Hello Kitty, no one cares. When a primary school kid listens to hard rock, nobody complaines. Speaking about personal interests and hoobis, Japanese people are just extremely chilled. There are a lot of clothes and styles, that would be regarded to be weird here, are perfectly normal in Japan. So, to my mind it's a lot easier in Japan to live one's interestes without being looked at strangely
  • School activities and clubs
The school in Japan is just so diffrent. It's astonishing, what a huge variety of clubes one can join over there. There are really clubs for anybody's interest. You can join sport clubs or culture clubs or creative clubs, it's amazing. And everybody put a lot of effort in one's club and really participates for it's growing and developtment. 
Furthermore, there are extremly funny school celebrations, like the school festival and the sports festival. There are a lot of other gatherings for all students, for example the club's introuduction or the sports test or information about the university.
Because there is so much stuff, the school does together there is a great "school spirit", how I like to call it. The people have a spirit for their classes and clubs as well. It are just groups, where anybody sticks together.
So, therefore, almost everybody likes school and likes going to school.
  • 7 Elevens
7 Elevens are widespread stores in Japan, that you can find almost everywhere. You can withdraw money or copy there and there is a lot of purchasable tasty food as well. 
It's just convenient
  • Nice, honest and polite people
Japanese people are wonderful. When you are in trouble, there is almost any time somebody there to help you. They try to help foreign people as well, even when they don't speak English or Japanese. When you ask a question, everybody will try their best to help you, even when they don't make any money or other advantage out of it. Even, when people are behaving rude and unfriendly, the most Japanese people would still accept it.
The majority of Japanese people are honest as well. As everybody is helping each other, there is no need for lying or betraying. Although this aren't all Japanese, the most are really honest and sincerely
  • School uniforms
School uniforms are a really good thing. As everybody wears the same clothes, it support the school unitiy and community feeling. Nobody gets excluded (another advantage of Japanese schools as well) and everyone has the same opportunities. 
Although it'll be hard to find a school uniforms as they are shown in animes, the most school uniforms are really pretty and cute. It's kinda fun to wear it.
  • The sea
So, as you know, Japan is a big island what means, that there are a lot of opportunities to see the sea. Here, I use to travel to the sea once a year but in Japan I could see the water almost every two weeks. The beaches, I've been travelling to weren't dirty and crowded with bunch of tourists, but wide and light and beautiful. I really appreciated the experience of travelling to this beautiful beach and watch the high waves.
  • Temples
So, next to the modern pop culture, Japanese traditional and religious culture is extremely interesting and fascinating as well. I visited temples, shrines and temple gates very often and it was really interesting to listen to the stories and the history a bout this buildings, their structure, residents and history. The most temples were extremely beautiful as well. Ringing the temple bell or buying a oracle snippet is fun as well.

So, this was it. As you can see, I really like and appreciate this country and I probably could name 100 other things that I love about Japan but for now, I want to quit this. Maybe, further lists will follow.


What the Stone Age men did..

Yesterday, I posted a list of the most common arguments against veganism, I've heard so far. Now, I'd like to start telling my opinion about'em. 
Let's begin with an argument, I hear probably the oftenest:

It's natural to eat meat; even the Stone Age man ate meat!

So, the people saying this are arguing, that as humans ate flesh ever since, it must be natural and congenital for the human race to consume meat. 
First of all, can somebody explain to me, why something is right, just because it has a long tradition. In arguing so, By arguing so, I could say 'It's natural to rape women; even the Stone Age Men raped women!' or 'It's natural to sleep outside and die because of pneumonia; even the Stone Age Men did so!' as well. The Stone Age men did a bunch of other unhealthy, unhumand and terrible deeds, that are fortunately forbidden today. But this people pick out one single deed, claim it to be right and logic and don't mention the other Stone Age stuff. 
So, if people think it's healthier to live traditional, I'm okay with it. Then go in the nearest forest with nothing and live there your traditional, right live. Then you may see, how beautiful the Stone Age men lived.
Secondly, the people in the Stone Age ate meat, because they did't had a choice. They ate meat to survive, to don't starve and to nourish their children. They ate, what they found, whether it were blackberries or a mammoth. 
In contrast to this, nowdays, we don't need to hunt to survive. The most countries are highly developt industrail nations, where anybody can consume a huge variety of food for a affordable price. We have the choice. Why do do much people stick to this outdated traditions?
Why do people stick to this only one Stone Age men's property? 
 Only because something was done for a long period of time, it isn't more right or wrong. I think, consuming animal products is just a human tradition as well.
So, according to this illogics, this argument is both pointless and stupid.
NOTE: I didn't want to offend anybody, this is just my personal, subjective opinion about it. Everybody should do, waht he thinks to be right.


The most common arguments against veganism, I've heard so far

As I'm vegan, it's kind of natural, that I'd get into agruments with some self- confident meat- eaters. Thogh a lot of meat- eaters are interested in veganism and talk about it openly, there is still a huge amount of people, that are certain, that it's wrong, what I'm doing.
And so we have discussions. But I like discussions :)
However (weird introuduction); here are the most common arguments against my way of nourishment, I've heard so far (I've been in two real arguments and a few small discussions with meat- eaters so far)
  • It's natural to eat meat; even the Stone Age man ate meat!
  • I know, it's not good, how animals are treated; you could eat organic meat!
  • There is no straigth diffrents between animals and plants; what's the coral?
  • It's unhealthy; the body needs meat!
  • Our would is alraedy broken?
  • But cows have to be milked!
  • Lions are eating meat as well and nobody judges them!
  • I know, you want to do something for the animals; why don't you just eat less meat?
  • It can't be healthy, when you have to take vitamin pills!
  • But some of your lipsticks definitely got tested on animals!
  • It must be soo hard to be vegan!
  • Humand are naturally omnivores!
  • The are organic- meat farms! Why don't you eat this meat ?
  • Plants have feelings as well; you can't kill plants!
  • Meat is made for the human as well as plants are!
  • Did you ever stepped on an insect ? You've killed an animal!
  • But you can't save the whole world!
And the very best one (By my father)

  • So, if a bit of the cow's milk is left, why shouldn't we drink it?

So, I'm planning to pick some of the most common or the 'strongest' or funniest arguments on this list and make an extra post discussing it.


How I'm organizing my school stuff

Hey, guys!
Today we have no school, so I decided to try out a rather comprehensive post about how I'm currently organizing all my school stuff, whether it's my archives at home or my folders in my backback.
I'm going to start with the place, where I archive the school stuff, that I don't need necessarily every day because it are passed school sections. So I have shelves in my cupboard for school.

The upper one is actually the archive and in the lower shelf I keep books and papers, I don't have the day.
Let's start with the archive. I have currently four big folders; two for each of my Advanced Courses, one for the subjects, I write classtests at and the last one for the subjects, I don't write classtests for.  I use yellow cardboard to sign the beginning of a new subject's section. The light pink post- its mark the beginning of a new topic field. After I finished  a topic in school, I would put it in the big folder. At the beginning of each subject I have a printed version of the curriculum for the next two years. That helpd me distinguishing and organizing the diffrent sections. I would put both notes and worksheets in there.

Coming to the upper shelf, this is the place, I put the books, folders, paper and material, I'm currently not using.

So,next to this I have my backback where I put in all materials, folders and school stuff, that are necissary for the very day. My backpack is purple and has one big and one small section, where I put in my purse, key and pocket mirror. The big parts includes my folders, pencil case, electronic dictonary, calculater, a water bottle and a lunchbox, that is empty at the moment.

Isn't my pencil case the cutest on the world? It's from rilakkuma and I really love it. It includes an ink penmatching cartridges, an ink eraeser, a pencil with a big rubber an color felt pens, I use to mark and label words.

My folders are put in a kind of folder- holder, which includes my 'important stuff folder' as well. In there, I have my timetable, a school- to do- list, a table, where I fill in my grades, my classe's list, diffrent types of paper, my missing- excuse. notebook and a small perforator and a set square as well.

In the folder- holder are (surprise, surprise) my folders. I have a few diffrent sections in on folder, As you can see, I distinguish with colored folder clips. To be more organzied I write down the date on every page and number the worksheets.

At the begining, I have a cover sheet, where I write down class, teacher, room, my own name, year and class number. I put this cover sheet in a transparent film. On the other side, I have the classe's telephone chain and my coler coding- snippet. The next pages are a kind of journals, where I wrote down every lesson's content and homework.

After that I have the actual lesson's stuff. I use to use a lot of colors for my notes and texts as well. I don't stick to my coler code everytime, but I try to use it as often as possible. When working at textes, I mostly just label diffrent topics in diffrent colors.

The next section is a fair copy of all my notes, papers, where I wrote down every content, that is important or could be necessary for the classtest. So, for studying I use this tidy notes. Next to bullet points notes, I use a lot of mind maps and sketches to make the notes more visuable and easier to recognize.
I make this notes after every lesson.

When we finished a whole topic, I make a huge mind map on a DIN A3 paper, summarizing all important content from my fair notes. This just gives a good overview over a whole topic.

This is followed by my classtests section. As the name suggests, I tack in all my classtest, test or other kind of review by the teacherr and my corrections as well.

When I got back a test, I use to write a so- called 'mistake paper', that I find very helpful. When I get back a classtest, I read through it carefully and wrote down every mistake, I made, whether it are spelling errors, wrong facts or uncorrect calculations. While preparing for the next test, I can have a look at this paper again and be able to specifically study in order to avoid this mistakes the next time.

At the very end of my folder, I have a self- evaluation- sheet. It may sound extremely weird, but after every lesson I used to evaluate myself by writing down a certain grade in this coordinate system, that helps me to estimate my final grade as well as watching mydeveloptment. It's very helpful. 

So, guys, that's it. This is, how I personally organzie my school papers and stuff. for me, it's working perfectly and I can keep organized and up- to- date easily. This may not work for everybody, but you can maybe just try out some parts and see, whether it works for you.
See you tomorrow