get gifts or give gifts?

Hey, guys!
As christmas is coming closer and closer, I started buying and preparing gifts and I got asked, what I wish for this year's christmas. Among these discussions is also the debate, whether it's better to get gifts or give gifts.
I personally prefer giving gifts for a few reasons. Obvioulsy, it's cool to get something, you desired for a long time. It's great to open curiously the wrapping paper and take out a wished prouct (although this isn't everytime the case; everybody gets some goods, one didn't want sometimes..)
What I like better is preparing gifts for people, I love. I really enjoy wondering, what he or she could like, going to the city and to the big, glittering shopping malls and spend a lot of money for these certain products. I usually don't 'go shopping', I rather buy in and I just purchase the goods, I really need. Before christmas, however, I just take  some money and buy a bunch of (sometimes really useless) products, without worrying about my bank balance.
I really like 'dresssing up' a gift. After I buyed a product, what really fit's the persons expectations to my mind, I write a imaginatively christmas card, on which I sometimes draw pictures as well. My christmas cards shouldn't be like the run-off-the-mill card (' Merry christmas, bye xxx'), so I spend some time creating a creative text and sign for it.
Then I cover everything carefully in prettty wrapping paper and bind a gift ribbon (sometimes). This whole process costs about two hours and is very enjoyable and satisfactory for me.
Getting gifts, on the other hand, only includes packing the paper, reading a card and being pleased about the gift. It's very joyous as well and obviously a great moment, but it didn't feel like xou actually accomplished something, as it's the case when handing over a finished gift.
For this feeling of satisfaction, I like giving presents bettter.
So, I already start in th mid of november

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