How I'm organizing my school stuff

Hey, guys!
Today we have no school, so I decided to try out a rather comprehensive post about how I'm currently organizing all my school stuff, whether it's my archives at home or my folders in my backback.
I'm going to start with the place, where I archive the school stuff, that I don't need necessarily every day because it are passed school sections. So I have shelves in my cupboard for school.

The upper one is actually the archive and in the lower shelf I keep books and papers, I don't have the day.
Let's start with the archive. I have currently four big folders; two for each of my Advanced Courses, one for the subjects, I write classtests at and the last one for the subjects, I don't write classtests for.  I use yellow cardboard to sign the beginning of a new subject's section. The light pink post- its mark the beginning of a new topic field. After I finished  a topic in school, I would put it in the big folder. At the beginning of each subject I have a printed version of the curriculum for the next two years. That helpd me distinguishing and organizing the diffrent sections. I would put both notes and worksheets in there.

Coming to the upper shelf, this is the place, I put the books, folders, paper and material, I'm currently not using.

So,next to this I have my backback where I put in all materials, folders and school stuff, that are necissary for the very day. My backpack is purple and has one big and one small section, where I put in my purse, key and pocket mirror. The big parts includes my folders, pencil case, electronic dictonary, calculater, a water bottle and a lunchbox, that is empty at the moment.

Isn't my pencil case the cutest on the world? It's from rilakkuma and I really love it. It includes an ink penmatching cartridges, an ink eraeser, a pencil with a big rubber an color felt pens, I use to mark and label words.

My folders are put in a kind of folder- holder, which includes my 'important stuff folder' as well. In there, I have my timetable, a school- to do- list, a table, where I fill in my grades, my classe's list, diffrent types of paper, my missing- excuse. notebook and a small perforator and a set square as well.

In the folder- holder are (surprise, surprise) my folders. I have a few diffrent sections in on folder, As you can see, I distinguish with colored folder clips. To be more organzied I write down the date on every page and number the worksheets.

At the begining, I have a cover sheet, where I write down class, teacher, room, my own name, year and class number. I put this cover sheet in a transparent film. On the other side, I have the classe's telephone chain and my coler coding- snippet. The next pages are a kind of journals, where I wrote down every lesson's content and homework.

After that I have the actual lesson's stuff. I use to use a lot of colors for my notes and texts as well. I don't stick to my coler code everytime, but I try to use it as often as possible. When working at textes, I mostly just label diffrent topics in diffrent colors.

The next section is a fair copy of all my notes, papers, where I wrote down every content, that is important or could be necessary for the classtest. So, for studying I use this tidy notes. Next to bullet points notes, I use a lot of mind maps and sketches to make the notes more visuable and easier to recognize.
I make this notes after every lesson.

When we finished a whole topic, I make a huge mind map on a DIN A3 paper, summarizing all important content from my fair notes. This just gives a good overview over a whole topic.

This is followed by my classtests section. As the name suggests, I tack in all my classtest, test or other kind of review by the teacherr and my corrections as well.

When I got back a test, I use to write a so- called 'mistake paper', that I find very helpful. When I get back a classtest, I read through it carefully and wrote down every mistake, I made, whether it are spelling errors, wrong facts or uncorrect calculations. While preparing for the next test, I can have a look at this paper again and be able to specifically study in order to avoid this mistakes the next time.

At the very end of my folder, I have a self- evaluation- sheet. It may sound extremely weird, but after every lesson I used to evaluate myself by writing down a certain grade in this coordinate system, that helps me to estimate my final grade as well as watching mydeveloptment. It's very helpful. 

So, guys, that's it. This is, how I personally organzie my school papers and stuff. for me, it's working perfectly and I can keep organized and up- to- date easily. This may not work for everybody, but you can maybe just try out some parts and see, whether it works for you.
See you tomorrow

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