study tips- reading a book effectively

Hey, guys
As I had a new reading asignment a few weeks ago, I want to tell you about my reading technique today. With this technique I use to get a good understanding about the book's plot ant structure and can refer to thoughts and stylistic conspicuousnesses and other characteristics later on in class. This technique is not about speed- reading or just understanding a text but about working at it deeply (as it is required in school)

So, when I read a book, I use to read the blurb and the author's short biography first, what helps me later on, interpreting and analyzing the book in the right way. There may be a lot of hints about the books intention and moral hidden in these textes.
Then I read the book, chapter for chapter from start to finish complately. As it's very important to stay focused (especally, when it's an ancient and therefore hard understandable book), I read carefully and reread a sentence as many time as I need to understand
During the reading process, I take some notes. First of all, I use a color pens to hightlight special words.
The color code is as follows: green- dates; red- places and countries; purple- groups and populations; orange- persons; pink- important key words or sentences.
When there is an important dialogue I often use two diffrent colors to mark th diffrent preson's speeches and their thoughts/ outward appearance.
Furthermore, I take some notes on plot, structure, rhetorical devices and analysing approach with a normal pen on the side. I f I don't understand something, I write it down as well.
After I finished the book, I browse the intenet for further information. I often use wikipedia to check happenings, I din't understand or search for a way of interpretation.
After reading a book, I now have a good understanding of what happened and how it is presented. When the book is worked at in class later on, I haver fewer problems understanding about which part is spoken and what may be the solution quickly.
I hope, you found this tips helpful
Have a nice day !

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