Why do people 'party'?

Hey guys,
there is no real occasion, on which I wrote this post. it's just my personal thoughts about this thing. So, there are really a lot of people, I know, that use to go to parties. Everey friday night, there is a party at anybody's house or ate the public disco, where they 'party', what uses to mean dancing and drinking.
I don't really get the point of partying. I personally don't use to go to this parties, because I don't really understand, why this perople are partying. I can understand parties on the occasion of somebody's birthday or halloween or the new year or another special day in the year. So, I'd guess I visit those celebrations about 10 times a year.
In contrast to this, a lot of people use to party regulary, weekly.
Isn't this dulling people?
When they flip out every weekend, I doubt, that they feel as much fun as if they'd party less common.
I also don't get, what you specifically do at parties. People are standing aroun and drink and smoke and chat and in the disco, some dance.
As I'm an introvert, I wouln't like to party with such a lot of people, I don't know really ore I don't share anything with but the fact, that we're on the same party. I don't think, I would feel very comfortable at this parties.
Maybe, I'll someday understand the magic of going partying..
See you tomorrow

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