How I study vocabulary- Online vs. Flashcards

Hey, everybody!
I am still studying vocabulary. Whearas a lot of people in my grade do not study vocabulary actively anymore, because they claim to have no real need for learning them, I am one of this persons, who is still studying vocabulary regulary.
I mean, one obviously learns a lot of vocabulary by using the foregn language (e.g. watching movies, reading books, talking in class) but to my mind studying vocabulary can be very beneficial in class. Movies often do not cover the sometimes really political topics, that are talked about in class. I feel, that my sentences increase in quality and difficulty, after I started studying vocabulary again. I just use the learned words automatically and do not have to try to avoid or praphrase them.
I think, I started this active learning of vocabulary about one and a half year ago, basically because I started learning Japanese vocabulary again.


travel2japan #11 the flight to Japan

Hey guys!
So, I was to Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm no going to do this. 
Some backround information:
I was to Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

#11 the flight to Japan
Real date: March 22th

We are now in the plane. The check-in was easy ans fast 'cause we only needed our boarding cards and our visa. The plane was really huge (seat numbers from 1 to 50 and rows from A to K) but the seats are as tiny as in the previous plane. But, however, we got a lot of stuff (What I meant by that was the hygiene products, that were given to every one in a small bag. I really liked them.) The TV in the seats was in 4 diffrent languages (Turkish, English, Japanese and I do not remember the forth one). (I did not actually understand the next sentencec's structure but I think, it should go like this:) We have radio here as well and we got slippers (so plushy <3) (this was great because I did not bring my own and now I can just use this slippers in Japan and WTF (I do not know, why I wrote this)). We also got a pillow and a kind of blanket and dual audio pins. I am sitting next to a Japanese guy (as about 70% of this flight's guests). He then, however, changed places with another "Salaryman" (I don't know, why I wrote this in quotation marks) because he took the wrong seat.
Here, everyone is speaking Japanese and I really look forward to my exchange, also because I understand some words and phrases. (I actually remember a conversation, I catched white everyone was leaving it, that I could fully understand. It went something like this: A: *asked somebody to hand him his bag* (I did not understand this somehow) B: *hands bag* Kore mo (This as well? *pointing at another bag next to the previously handed*) A: Hai. (Yes.) B:(The bag was pink so she said with a laugther: Kawaii (Adorable.) *handing this bag to A as well* A:Arigatou gozaimasu(That you very much.) I was so proud of me, that I could understand that.)
I am also a bit relaxed now, because I could read the Kanjis for Osaka (Big town in Japan) on a tourist's T-Shirt and Karina could not. She also told me, that she feels like she cannot speak a word in Japanese, (Man, how mischievous am I?!)
The Japanese girls are so pretty. (Yes, they are.)
Maybe, I cut myself a fringe in Japan (I actually thought about this idea more that once in Japan because all this Japanese girls with fringes are just so adorable and pretty!)
Two funny and happy Japanese women are sitting in front of me (B from the dialogue). In about 4 1/2 month I'll understand them completely. (This is actually a little overpowerd. I mean, an exchange is obviously a great language boost, but after it, you will not know every single word in the language.)
I really think, that Karina will get some problems in Japan. Maybe, her Japanese is better that mine, but she told me (as a joke(So it was a joke. So an argumentation based on this is pointless. Seriously.)), that she would like some whisky or beer or whatever alcohol.. well, she just seems to only want to do, what she likes.
Futhermore, she did not went to school the last two weeks before her exchange and told me, that she has "problems enough" with school.(As the month before my exchange was basically the time, when I started with scheduling, planning time and developting timemanagemetn- skills, I really asked myself, what she did this whole two weeks without school) However, we'll see. (spoiler alert: She actually got some problems, but.. you will definitely see later!).
I really would like to talk to the Japanese man next to me (to learn a little Japanese) but I think, I would annoy him.
In the plane, I watched "The wulf mother"(by Studio Ghibli)(it was a really good movie) and got a tax- item- sheet (I do not know the appropriate name, but this is like the sheet, where you fill in if you are taking dangerous items to the country, you are going to travel to) and some mini- cubic sweets, which were really tasty. (I really like plane food)
A few (a lot) hours later, I lso watched a movie called "The Oz game" or so (This movie was interesting as well.) and I am currently watching "The ape planet". (I did not continue watching this, however.)  We had dinner yesterday and I made myself eating everything, even fish (:/), but I will have to eat this kind of food a lot. In the evening and morning (I am from now on speaking of the Japanese time), I went to the tiny bathroom. (The plane was literally so tiny, especally the aisle between the seat was so narrow, that two persons could hardly go ther next to each other. So, there always was a long queue in front of the bathroom and it took a lot of time to wait there.) I have to say, I could make myself comfortable with this (plane-) lifestlye.
In the night, I tried to sleep, but as it was really uncomfortable and tiny, I could not really sleep. But for about an hour (6:30 to 7:30 AM) I could get some sleep. I am not feeling very tired. I also did some Anki (a vocablurary- learining app, I really studies with quite frequently)
Now, the day has arrived and we are above the sea in front of Japan (I think, it is the Japanese sea between China, Korea and Japan). I set my mobile clock to the Japanes time and I am now really looking forward to the exchange. Somehow, nights make homesick. I can now feel, that we are sinking and starting landing (if that makes any sense). I guess I will start packing my stuff.
I cannot find my diary pen :o However, I can't believe it, but now I can already tick the first day in my calendar. This went fast. (I used to have a calender, in which's yearly overviw section I would cross through each day, I had accomplished  sucessfully.)

I hope, you liked this part
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Why habits are so important & how to implement them

Hey, guys!
Habits can be a very annoying, time- wasting and consuming thing to do. They can, however, be exetremely beneficial and advantageous as well. Why habits can be such a benefit and how to build them up properly are the topics, I want to talk about today.


How to declutter and reorganize memories (papers)

Hey guys!
When looking sround my room, everything seems to be rather clean and tidied, except from two folders in my cabinet. This two folders contain sentimental items and memories, especally from my exchange to Japan, which's papers fill a whole folder. The folders have lots of completely overfilled transparent films and it's almost impossible to look at something in them properly. So, today, I took this two folders and decluttered and reorganized the sentimental papers in them. In the end, they would only fill the half of one folder and it would be possible to look at each paper.

I started with packing out all the papers squeezed in one transparent foil and put them on my desk. Then, I took a white DIN A 4 paper and took the first few items of the paper pile. I decided which papers I will take and whether they will all be visible on the paper. I often sorted the papers according to the event or time, they remind me of. So, I took all the papers of one particular event to put on the paper.
Then, I took a scissors and cut out the paper's necessary or important parts, so the parts, I want to be visible. I let some papers the way they are as well.
For the next step I arrrenged the memories on the white paper in various ways, finding an arrangement, where every paper is visible and everything is presented in  a good way.
Then, I would take a glue pin and glue on the papers in the arranged way. For this step, it is okay to have lots of protruding corners.
Next, the scissors it taken and this corners are cut off. Now we have the size of a DIN A4 paper.
This paper was then perforated and put into a folder.
In case there was a sentimental paper of the size DIN A 4, I wanted to keep, I would just glue the other papers on this one.

That was it. Not too hard, isn't it? Using this method, I not only produced a lot of waste paper, but was also able to have the important content of two folders in one (that is not even half- filled).  I enjoy the folder very much, as it is easy to look at memory papers again and the pages can be arranged in a flexible order.


How to multitask the right way


Hey, everybody!
As multitasking came up in the last decade, a lot of people have been doing and trying this out. At the first glimpse, multi- tasking seems like a great alternative to mono- activities. By doing several activities at one time, all of them demand less time. So, multi- tasking was often regarded as a tool to increase prouductivity and save time.
The truth is, that multi- tasking often helps neither. Actually, it often rather lessenes the productivity while increasing the amount of needed time.
When doing two activities at once, the brains concentration switches between this activities very often. It focusses on each activity for a very short time and then switches to the other one, what creates the illusion that two activities would be done simultaneously. As the brain needs about 5 to 15 minutes to really focuss and concentrate on a topic intensively, this frequent switches render it this concentration on one activity impossible.
That means, that the thing is done with less conce
ntration, what makes the activity take longer and often leads to mistakes, untidy work or no real fulfillment of the task. Furthermore, the frequent switches cost time and brain power. Although the time of one switch is barely noticable, all the time dedicated to switching one's focus is pretty long, what makes the whole thing take longer. Because it costs the brain so much power to focus and refocus every few seconds, one will feel tired very quickly.
So, the clue in multi- tasking is doing this the right way.
This starts with the selecting of the activities, that want to be done multi- taskingly. Suitable activities are either one activity that does not really demand soncentration and one that needs a bit concentration or two activities demanding almost no concentration. Activities like wipping, hanging out the laundry or eating, that no not need to be done with so much concentration can be done without the brain focussing on them so much. Activities demanding little concentration like writing messages, ordering something or dressing can be done simultaneously.
It is importatnt, that the activities are not demanding the same kind of focus. What I mean by that is, that for example writing messages and listening both demand a mental sense and are hardly compatible. Listening and a phisical activity (like brushing teeth) however, need two types of focus, what makes them compatible.
The brain then can focus on the activity with more concentration demand. It is not so power- consuming because the brain can refocus easily and quickly. This kind of multitasking, when done right, will actually lessen the amount of needed time, as twoactivities are done in the time of one. As te ativities are not demanding so much powere, there is barely productivity that could be in- or decreased.
Another way to do two activities and reduce time is using waiting or pausing breaks. If an activitiy needs some time, while the person can just wait, the other activity can be done. Even if it'S just a short period of time, it will definitely save some time.
I really hope, this post was helpful for you and I'll see you tomorrow.


How to reduce your hobbies to the ones, you really enjoy

Hey, everyone!
As I've already talked about in this post(about minimalism), I want to get rid of the hobbies, I may indeed engage in but do not really reiceive happyness through.
Having not so much hobbies is a part of a minimalistic lifestyle as well. At the first glimpse, it may seem very illogical and not understandable, why somebody would not try to pursue all hobbies, he/ she is enjoying at the moment.
In fact, reducing hobbies should help increasing ones happyiness and bliss, one gets while engaging in a hobby. There are a couple of reasons, why this bliss cannot be achieved with so much hobbies; First of all, one cannot concentrate on so many activities at once. It is just impossible, to do a hobby very concentrated and focussed when thinking about so many other activities, one wants to engage in. Secondly, people are often engaging in hobbies, they may enjoy at some point, but that do not bring them happyness. Often, people refuse to stop doing this hobbies, because it is unconvenient. The hobbies, they engage in, are mostly easy- pursuable or not very energy- consuming hobbies. Other hobbies, that may bring way more bliss to their lifes, are denied to do, because something inconvenient may has to be done for them.
Furthermore, a lot of hobbies at once are just reallly money-, time- and (sometimes stress- and)energy consuming, what does not really fit with a minimalistic lifestyle. To fix this problem, one could either stop really engaging in their hobbies and doing hem half- heartedly or get active and reduce ones hobbies.
This is, what I am doing. So, what I did, was basically that I wrote a list of all my hobbies. I thought of all the activities, I am engaging in currently, no matter, how regulary or how frequently I do so. To support this thinking process, I had a look around my room and scanned the items in ther. Every item represents either a necessary living supply (e.g. clothes or a water bottle) or a hobby supply (e.g. a camera, books). In total, I had 17 hobbies written down at my paper. It's already tellable by the number, that this is way to much. But no matter how ofen I re- read the paper and thought about it, I could not even think of abolishing a single one.
So, I decided to witness my own leisure behaviour. Every few days, I would take a look at the list, think about what I did engage in the most or what I did not do at all. In doing so, I underlined the hobbies, I am enjoying frequently and put those in bracklets, that I did not engage in at all.
Now,about two weeks after I made this list, a few hobbies seem to outstand, while others are fading into the backround. What is in braclets in my list is currenly mainly scrapbooking and watching movies. This are the activities, I did not do at all in this period of time.
my bookshelf before
While I am still thinking about whether to do scrapbooking or not, I am really sure now, that watching movies is not a really great hobby for me. When thinking about it, I am not into movies at all. I mean, I sometimes watch some movies for fun, but I do not know anything about specific directors, actors, playwriters or movie producers. It should not be considered as a hobby of mine when I obviously have no knowledge about it at all.
So now, I found out at least one hobby, I want to reduce from my activity's list. What now? 

and after
Next, I had a look at the items, that symbolize this former hobby. Although I am not a great collector, I have a couple of film DVDs in my cupboard. So, I looked through all of them carefully, realizing, that I do not watch them more often then twice a year, often only at birthday parties or some kind of other special events. For this kind of occasions, film DVDs can be lend really easily at a library or a video rental store, but they do not have to raise dust inbetween my books. According to the Konmari method, it is also worth mentioning that now of them really spark joy to me.
So, I now observed the hobbies, it's items and the opportunities, I am engaging in this hobby as well as solutions for that. So, I think, I sucessfully reduced my list of hobbies. As I have still 16 hobbies in total, I will definitely continue witnessing my leisure behaviour and adjusting the list.
I really hope, that this helped you as well. If you have anything to say about it, let me know.
See you soon!


How I implemented the Konmari method in my wardrobe

Hey, everyone!
After I posted about the Konmari method a few days ago, I now put the Konmari strategies into praxis and tidied my whole wardrobe. So, I took this almost free saturday and started. I put out all the clothes, that were crumpled and wrinkled stored in my wardrobe. As you can see at the befor- after photos, my wardrobe looked far from organized or structured before this. Even though I tried putting the clothes vertiically into the drawer, after a few days, it just was a big, undorted heap of garments. I just stuffed the clothes inbetween each other uncarefully and it endede up looking like this.


travel2japan #10 the first flight II

Hey guys!
So, I was to Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm no going to do this. 
Some backround information:
I was to Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

#10 the first flight II
Real date: March 21th

I am not really sure whether I will get something to eat at this plane and whether it costs something. (You have to know, that I really wasn't into flying at all and I had no idea on this things so I was kinda confused) I have about 8 € with me and I did not want to spend them in the pre- flight- shop- area (tax free area). Maybe, I'll buy something when I fly back. (that, unfortunately, did not happen)
The last time, I was in a plane was at my flight to berlin and now I have to realize that I am flying to Japan and I will come back in 4 1/2 month.
I've just eaten up (it, obviously did not cost something), so we now reached the half of the flight. 1 1/" hours are left. I like the plane food. There are so many diffrent boxes and caskets , what is kind of cute. I also think, that it is tasty although I did not eat everything. I am really sated now.
Everyone got the food, so it does not cost anything, I'd guess. When the boarding men asked for drinks, (before the food came), I was so frightened,of him talking Turkish to me that I said "No, thanks.". This was stupid, 'cause now I'd like to have a coke,
I read a page of  Peter Pan (the book was entirely in Japanese) with the help of my dictionary, but I do not understand very much. No, I will write down some questions for the preparation camp in Japan. (I wanted them to recognize me as a good, studious student, so I came prepared.)
I sat next to a really nice Turkish family, what spoke both German and Turkish (mixed up- it was really funny). They told me, that they are travelling for about one week to Istanbul. They had two little, noisy but cute children. Then, I read a little of Peter Pan again and told the Turkish mother about my exchange and she was really interested in it. (I am always writing "Turkish" family, as if they would be diffrent from other families, stupid)
At Istanbuรถ airport, I was a bit confused but I soon found a toilet, my gate and Karina, who is now talking a lot to me. (It basically was her talking about all kind of stuff an me listening). She is annoying -.-. I am just hoping that I'll have a seat (hopefully a window- seat) not next to her. I hope, I can get some sleep during the flight. In Istanbul, it is now about 13:00 in the noon (when else?), but I feel no jet- lag- sympthoms ;) (as if one would be jetlaged from three hours of time lag) But Karina seems to have everything prepared perfectly, what makes me really nervous. (She jsut talked about so much things in her life and was so proud and confident about everything). I secretely wished, I would meet her at first in Tokyo or that she does not pass her plane or so..

I hope, you liked this part
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Minimalism according to Marie Kondo

Hey guys!
As I read the TIME magazine yesterday, I stumbled about an article, that aroused my interest. It basically talked about a so- called tidy queen Marie Kondo, who writes books about cleaning and tidying up. She is als a minimalism what was the reason for my interest. The moethod, she invented, is called the Konmari method and contains of two main steps:
First of all, it is necessary to know, that things, that one posseses should be sorted by cathegory and not by room or location. As the first step of the method is, to put all items of a kind out on the floor, this means, that the things should be searched in the whole house and not only in one room. According to her, one should really take a whole day for this tidying not just a few minutes everyday here and there.
The cathegories, the goods should be sorted according to, are clothes, books, papers/ documents, miscellanous and mementos(I think, she created certain.
subcathegories for this as well, but this is at least the rough order) When tidying, each day (it takes about one week) should be dedicated to one kind of items, usually in the order, I listed them up above. To her mind, cluttering each day a little, has no point.
After all the items of the cathegory have been put on the floor, it's time to actually sort them. The key question of how to decide to keep or not keep something is, "Does is 'spark joy'?". So, the phrase 'spark joy' may look really weird and strange at the beginning. What it means is, that one should not focus on the goods, that are uneccessary and useless, but on the great items, one cherishes. Kondo reccommends to take each item in your hand and touch it, so that your body can react to the item. The key point here is, that it should not be a decision made by intellectual thinking but by actually feelings about the item.So, according to this wuestion, the items should be sorted in "keeping" and "decluttering" and the "deculttering"- items should be put away.
This method should help cluttering our home, so, that it only contains things, that actually make you happier. It is not a method focussed on certain rules or numbers (e.g. "ten shirts and five pair of socks" or "If you have not read this book since more that three month, throw it away") The method actually works according to one's individual intuition and feelings.
But, it has to be said, that sometimes it is necessary to keep items, that do not necessary make you a happier person, but are just essential for your daily life. Kondo claims this to be the only acceptable exception to keep thing, that do not spark joy.
I did not actually try out the decluttering method. I did, however, declutter my room already very often by putting out all items of one kind and sort them into keeping or throwing away. I, however, used to fucus on the need or necessity of an item and not on my personal feelings about is (at least, not in the first place). It has to be said, that I only own a single room and not a whole house full of stuff, what definitely makes a diffrence in terms of tidying. I, however, want to try this method out (probably this weekend) and tell you about the results.
But Kondo is not only a minimalist, she's a life hacker as well. I fyou are a little into life hacks, you will no the "put your clothes vertical and not horizontal in your wardrobe, so you can see, what you o´possess at first sight" I found this lifehack very interesting and put it into praxis in my own wardrobe. The problem is, that the clothes are not folded good enough, that they would stand on there own, I rather stuff them between other clothes and after a while, it did not look organized anymore at all.
what my wardrobe
currently looks like
Marie Kondo prevents her own folding method for this. She has invented several folding step- by- step strategies that fold any item into a piece, that is small and compact and can stand upright. Therefore, it is actually possible to put them in the wardrobe vertically.
I think, she has a couple of other specalized systems on how to storage certian things (e.g. using shoeboxes) but for now, they are not worth mentioning.
So, I really appreciate her system and her method and I definitely want to try them out.
I should probably mention, that I do not posses one of her books and I am not planning to do either. As the steps are understnadable in the internet, there is no need to buy more stuff, I will probably throw away.
See you soon xx


work hard, play hard

No, I do not want to talk about the song.
Work hard, play hard is a term, that basically means, that ones does the best possible in his work (school, labour, anything that has to be done and is not so very pleasant) but also uses his leisure for high- fun activities.
I did not used to do either. I used to study a lot but not very smart, what means that I would spend a lot of my time for school stuff but this would not be really effective as I only studied the things by memorizing them repeatedly. This is the easiest way yet not the effectivest. As for my leisure, when I had one, I did not want to do huge projects or great activities (like events) because I feared that they would supress my studying and cost too much time.
I think, it is the easiest way to do so, because one does not really have to put effort in his activities or think about them actively. Furthermore, it feels comfortable, because I had the feeling that I am studying very hard and very much, what made myself feel good. On the other hand, I then was sometimes surprised by my grades. As studying was not very exhausting or arduous, I had no problem with having no or very few fun activities a day.
Since a few weeks, I started thinking about this issue intensively and I am trying to change it.
I think, it is basically a question of planning skills and method knowledge, whether this will work out. It does not necessarily mean reducing the hours of work but using them more intensively as well as the hours of freetime and leisure.
For intensifying the hours of work, I have a couple of things, I am already or I want to do; First of all, I want to think about topics more intensively. When we had a task in school about for example a character in a book, I used to write a lot of pages, repeated myself very often and did not really go in depth with this character. Instead I wrote down the superficially visible things. I do not really know how to change this but I will start by at least thinking about it. The next thing, tht is important for working hard is working without interruption or intermissions. So, when I study I want to try to do it constantly till the homework/ paper is done and do not go to the fridge to procrastinate a little. I also want to try to visualize study stuff. With that, I mean both taking notes, that are not only text phrases but are easier to understand by visualizing them on the paper as well as visualize things by studying them. I do not yet have a actual method for this.
As you can see, my intensifiying studying strategies are still nothing more than rough ideas, but I hope, that as I work on them, I will improve  and develop this methods
On the other hand, I also want to intensify my fun actions. Instead of watching hours of youtube videos and movies, I want to do both more prouductive and joyous activities. My current plans are about sewing, what is not only time- intensive but it also costs money as well as a lot of effort.
I do not not whether the work hard play hard concept is adaptable to money. I mean, as I do not make money with suceeding in school, I cannot extend this money by working harder. I get pocketmoney, but this will not change, when I intensify my studies, what means, that this should not be implicted in the work hard play hard thing. Intensive activities, however, tend to cost a lot of money, whereas low- fun activities are mostly free. So, I am still struggeling with this issue
In general, working and playing harder helps heightening the work's results as well as ones fun level. Sounds great, doesn't it?
See you tomorrow


~review: American Horror Story

Okay, before I start talking about the series, I want to point out, that I'm not so far into watching this series. I'm currently at the eighth episode of the first season, what means that I am, judging by the series total length, at the pretty beginning. I want, however, to talk about it, because I think, I actually have some knowledge despite my little watching experience.
American Horror Story is a series who basically deals with a house (in the later seasons other places) being somehow haunted or condemned because of the people, who have died in in violently. As the main character's family moves into the so-called 'Murder House', they fastly come across lots of weird and scary happenings. Furthermore, they have to deal with their own, messed- up lifes and feelings. (spoiler spoiler spoiler) In the plot's course, a lot of strange persons start to sppear in the house's surroundings, like the scary neightboor's family and their children, a man with brain cancer who seems to know the father really well and a boy, who dreams of commiting a high school massacre. As the family's mother and daugther are almost getting murderes by a group of people, they try to sell the house, what turns out to be extremely difficul
t because of it's horrible past.
Before I saw the first episode, I would've suspicted a typical horror movie, in which the house is full of ghosts, weird creatures and unexplainable happenings, in which the persons are getting violated. So, I was even more surprised, that this series is diffrent (at least, it seams diffrent on the first glimpse). The first few episodes are telling scary and weird happinings, but none of them is directly connected to paranormal phenomenens. Although there are a few unexplainable characters or objects, the story seems theoretically happenable at the beginning. Just in the course of events, the house turns out to be more living than it was suspicted first. So, the viewer gets to this insight as far as the story's characters do.
There is a variety of characters and their stories, what makes it very interesting. There are no necessarily 'good' or 'bad' persons, almost everyone has done something wrong but everyone had to suffer somehow. The story is not really a war between good and evil but a messed- up battle with various, mixed- up characters, who change and develop. Although there are persons, who one is more likely to symathise with, there are various perspectives and opinions, that can be made about the plot.
Another interesting thing was the house itself. It's a vintage- like mansion with lots of rooms and corridors and a long history, that is told piece by piece in each episode, what makes the happenings exetremely interesting, as connections to the past can be made, especally when presumed dead characters are starting to appear in the family's surroundings.
So, despite this positive aspects, the series starts missing something for me me really important feature during the course of happenings: realism. I don't mean the logical non- existence of ghosts and supernatural phenomenons, but what I'm talking about is, that the person's action and the course of plot is getting less authentic and believable in it's process. I mean, there are people actually getting murdered in the house, and there are neither police officers nor investigator or anybody elso, who wants to find out, what happenes? Furthermore, almost everybody can just enter the house so easily as if the door would be open all the time, what is just too easy. Another unauthentic fact is the likelyness of a character to become a murderer. I don't think, that it is so easy to just kill a person because of his/ her behavior or one's own mood. Furthermore, I think, it isn't so easy to hide a corpse in one's own garden without anybody suspicting anything.
But it is, however, a great series (as far as I watched it), that I'm planning to continue watching.
See you soon


everyday a band/ this weeks stuff

Hey, guys!
Yesterday, I eventually got the permission by my father, that I am allowed to go to this music festival in summer with my friend. At first, three of us wanted to go there, but than the other friend got told by her mother that it is going to be dirty there (surprise- a festival is no clinical tidy rosewater place) We, however, decided to go there anyway and now, after I am finally permitted to go there, we are starting to pla a lot, what will definitely take a lot of time. Both of us have never been at a festival or concert and we are therefore extremely unexperienced in this events. We did, however, camp very often so I think, it is going to be okay.

Right afte my father allowed me this evern, however, we started a vegan discussion again. I was even more stunned about his arguments than last times. His arguments basically were:

  • plants may have feelings as well
No, they don't. This is just not true. First of all, plants have neither nerves nor a spinal as well as       they do not have a brain, what could regognize the pain. Furthermore, they have no way of             showing their "feelings", what to me therefore means that they do not have significant ones. If you   cut a plant in pieces, it will not scream.
  • If the cow would not get milked in this fabrics, she would not have been even breeded there, she would not be alive
This is seriously the pure expression of stupidity. I can't even express it. Obviously, no cow would     be alive in this fabrics if the fabrics would not exist. What the cows are doing in there can hardly       be described as living, it's existing and working. Why should I support such a system?
  • a little of animal products will not kill me
Obviously, it won't. I am not a vegan, because I think, that animal products are neessarily                   "poisenous", I do it for ethic reasons, what my father does not understand yet.
  • it is better to eat a variety of (food) products than only exetreme products
I do not think, that is essentially necessary to eat a variety of products. What is, however,             important, is to eat a variety of vitamins, protein and carbonhydrates, that can be ingested with a         vegan nourishment as well. If I want to eat a "variety" of food, I should probably consider eating         also the stuff, that is not culturally accepted here, but in other nations, like cats or grasshoppers.           What makes us consider our products as the "whole variety" is the fact, that we are culturally used       to  them.
  • the human's canines show, that we are meat eaters
I believe, that the human body generally shows that it is a herbivore's body. We have neither               robust, spiky finger- and toenails nor hunting instincts (like exetremely good aural ability) nor are       we walking on four pales. I could name hundreds of other feature, but I want rather to link to this        charts, what explaines the thing very well. 
  • Nothing is made for the human
This was the argument, my father said, when I claimed, that milk is only made for baby cows and        not for any other animals or humans. I do no think that anything is made for the human species, in      order to survive, the human has to take away things from other creatures like animals and plants. I      personally just consider it to be more peacefully to eat a tree's apple that a pig's muscle. 

It was a weird discussion and I am pretty sure, that my father got non of my points.
Furthermore, I developed some sewing plans this week. First of all, I tried to wear a little less mainstream clothes like my teddybear- cap or the fimo rainbow chain, I made. I really like it, but I am still struggling with earing stuff warm enough for a winter day.
Besides, I am planning to sew some clothes for myself or change ones, I already posses. Is started easily by applying a fimo button to a white blouse. Next, I planned to try a pullover, but I think, this is going to be really not that easy. Furthermore, my backpack ripped. It is not a huge rip, but it is enlarging, because my schoolbag is often really full. So, I though about sewing a backpack instead, what will me even more difficult. I started sewing a backpakc onces, but back then I did have far lower expectations and ideas for what it should look like. As it should be a backpack for school, it should really be robust.
As the lineup for the festival, I want to go to, is visible at the internet, I figured out that there are still quite a lot of bands, whose music I do not know. Even though the names ring a bell, I often do not know their songs too good. As I want to get known to some other bands as well, I decided to "explore" a band every day, what means that I use my morning breakfast time to listen to this band. I like it.
At wednesday, I made sushi with my friend and it was really tasty.
This was, I think, basically my week and I hope, you enjoyed this post.
See you soon


travel2japan #9 the first flight I

Hey guys!
So, I was to Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm no going to do this. 
Some backround information:
I was to Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

#9 the first flight I
Real date: March 21th

For the next morning, I had set my alarm each 5 minutes from four to half past four. But this was one hour too late! We wanted to stand up at half past three, just before four, my father came intp my room and woke me up friendly. The think with my (wrong) alarm was not bad at all. (I had expected my father to get worked up because of the wrong alarm) Because Lisa wanted to come at 20 past four, I showered hastily, plaited my hair and got ready. I only ate because it was offered to me; I was sick. Then I packed in the last stuff and we went off punctual at 20 for five.
The car drive was beautiful, I sat between Lisa and Ben and there was not much talking. I saw the darkness and the consistent rumbling and absorbed it.
At the airport (I car park ticket 4,30€!) we first waited a while till the baggage claim opened. My travel pass was technically my air ticket, and when I produced it, I got my air ticket as an actual card. I was so frightened that this would not work somehow. I also already got the ticket for the connection flight and we asked one more time; yes, my baggage is send to Japan. (I furthermore remembered, that my mother and Lisa talked about other flights shown at the airport, what really annoyed me. I thought, it has been a mistake to take Lisa to the airport)
Then we went to gate C30, through which only me ould go. We then waited till 6:02 (We wanted to wait till 6 o'clock but we somehow prologed it a bit). Then I said "goodbye" to everyone and hugged everyone and kissed my family. I almost started crying. Then, however, I went through the gate, showed my air ticket ang got my handluggage checked. At this time, I still could see my family through  a milky glass panel. I then waved a last time and went to the passport control. Then they were gone.
After the (travel) passport control, I was in this huge (duty- free) shopping are. Again, I almost cryed. I went around and waited the time to pass. I still had one hour and 35 minuted till my departure! ( I do not really know, how I spent this time. I remember going around hastily and nervously and aimless. I went to the toilet a couple of times and I tryed to distract myself by looking around in the shops.)
I then somehow calmed down a bit. I sat down in the waiting area and waited at a seat and started writing diary. There was really often an announcement because a flight was leaving, but not everyone was there yet. (This was kinda funny, because it was said like four times). Then there was the announcement, that our boarding will begin. I bundled my things and went in, to seat 16 D, unfortutately not at the window but in the middle!
Oh, this was wrong. I actually did sit down at seat 17 D inadvertendly. Some women talked to me in Turkish and I just said "I'm sorry." I somehow did not care (I think, she was really upset), probably because I did not understand her. At this time, I thought that I now will have to bid farewell to German. All announcements here are in Turkish or in turkish English, I so not understand it at least.
Writing diary, however, really made me calm down. Here (in the plane) a lot of people are speaking Turkish. The important information were in Turkish, English and German. The security information are visible as a video on a screen as well, where you can see the plane's position at a map. (I mean, this is probably in every larger plane the case, but for me, it was something really new and fascinating). I am getting a littly hungry, what hopefully means, that I am calming down. When the plane is in the air, I'll start eating the choclate, my mama gave me. <3

I hope, you liked this part
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travel2japan #8: the morning before

Hey guys!
So, I was to Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm no going to do this. 
Some backround information:
I was to Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

#8 the morning before
Real date: March 21th

Somehow, I then told my brother to go to sleep. He was acting so slowly (because of his mobile), that I got upset, because I wanted that I say him Good Night and and turn off the light and go to bed simultaneously with him so badly. We then, however, did so. Yesterday,  the whole day after school,  I walked around nervously and somebody came into my room, but it didn't bother me. I wanted to draw out every moment with my family, every hug, every kiss like chewing gum, I wanted to makethe most possible of it. The minutes crawled over the floor like snails, but the evening was over so soon. 
In bed, I cried a bit. I tried to think of something else, but about what else could you think, if you are going to drive 4 1/2 moth to a faraway country the next day? I, somehow, was distracted from this thoughts and felt vrey warm. I made a list of things, I am looking forward to O falling asleep O the next morning: sitting in the car, being ready O accomplishing the check- in O the flight O Arriving in the (soft landing) camp and sleeping O being done with the camp O my host family and the first days with them O being done with the first week at my hostfamily's place O Being done with the first week of school O the first car (I got myself 5 choclate cars (they were old christmas sweets in sale), that I ate one at the end of every month, I accomplished) O the homeward journey (I ticked each of this boxes, when they were accomplished and it helped me focussing on the next goal. I only had not ticked the homeward journey box yet. I am now going to so this.)
I think, that I would have fallen asleep then, but suddenly my go- to- bed- alarm ringed. It was 8 o'clock in the evening. I turned off the alarm and fell asleep.
When my parents came home (they were to some kind of event that night), I woke up again (because of my light sleep and my excitement). I don't know, whether they came into my room. After that, however, I actually felt asleep. (I remember this sleep as a very peaceful one for some reason)

I hope, you liked this part
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~review: Lost

Hey, guys!
Another series, I have started watching when we were ski diving is 'Lost'. We actually did not watch so much of it but were at least a couple of episodes, so I think I can revie
w what I am thinking about this.
Basically, the story is, that the survivors of an airliner's crash land on a seemingly not inhabited island. As they soon realize, that the plane is searched at a complete diffrent place and it is not likely to be found, where they are, they quickly build up a camp, where they are trying to survive. Furthermore, the survivors make effort to contact somebody. Quickly, they realize that they are indeed not alone at this island. Next to a mysterious creature, that is killing a lot of people, they find out, that ther have been other people on this island years ago, who also got attacked by the creature.
This is, at least, the point of story, where I currently am.
I mean, the basic concept is neither eyetremely original nor creative, but it serves its purpose, as it is tensinous and interesting ad with lots of other aspects connectable. As the people on the island are the random survivours of a airline, they are rather mixed and various. All of the characters have (obviously) really diffrent chararacters and stories. Especially the flashbacks to their journey before and in the plane and this connections make the series really interesting. There are lot of diffrent strands, that are very enmeshed in each other. Long flashbacks and retrospects are connecting this strands with each other in various ways, what makes it exetremely interesting and fun to watch.
Of course, I also like the genual story, as it is a scary yet interesting imagination to land on a empty island with some other passengers. I like people, who come together in danger and organize themselves in general, as it is an expression of community. It is  kinda fascinating to see, how the people build up their camp out of broken plane parts as well.
There is, however, something, I do not like about the series. As there are lots of characters, they are created in width not in depth. All of the characters are somehow falt and labelled ("This is the leader, this is the electronic guy, this is the smug one, ...) All of the characters occupy certain roles, they do not really get rid of. It is, obviously, possibly, that I did not come to the point, where the characters  reveal their deep natures yet. The characters are not actually reaslistic yet, they do not seem existable in the real world.
Concludingly, it is, nevertheless, a great series, I definitely want to continue to watch.
See you tomorrow xx

Update: I watched the whole show and loved it


Stereotypes about Japan

Hey, guys!
So, whatever country or place it is, there are stereotypes. Especally about geographical or cultural distant countries, lots of stereotypes are existent. Stereotypes and prejudices were orignially created, to speed up the process of judjing and classifying other humans. And as most of them are a result or reality (somehow), there is some truth in them, nevertheless, thes should not function as judging tools. Here are 10 very common Japanese stereotypes:

1. Japanese people do not speak english.

This is a stereotype, I have to agree partly to. There are quite a lot of Japanese people, whose englisch is not very good. Often, the children can speak a little english because it is a school subject, whereas adult, who do not work anyhow international, are not good in thois language. Japanese people are somehow struggeling with learning foreign languages in general. Although there are some people, who are very interested in foreign countries and their languages, they often try to learn it only by memorizing. This is the problem with Japanese englisch as well. A lot of people do not like english at all and almost everyone tries to study it by pure memorizing.

2. Japanese people are refusing to say there opinion openly
This is probably true but actually not in the way, I had expected it. Before I went to Japan, I was told, that anything would be impressed exetremely politely and indirectly (e.g.: "This is a little impossible"), so I tried to adopt this manner and speak this way, too. As it turned out, rather a lot of Japanese people are expressing their own opinion on something very directly, what really confused me at the beginning.
I would rather see the problem at a different place. When Japanese people are asked, how they are, the answers are often restricted to "Fine" and "Tired", what is not the whole emotional spectrum of a person, even if he/ she is from Japan.

3. Japanese men are all otakus
An anime- otaku room source
(Otaku= Somebody who does a hobby excessively, often used to describe manga/ anime otakus) Definitely not true. Although there are peole, who are obsessed with a hobby, it is not the normal and furthermore not japantypical. Probably, there are a little more people hiding in their houses and obsessing about their hobby, but it is not that often. I never met such a person at least.

4. All Japanese people love manga and anime
Japanese pop culture is probably the most popular part of Japan known overseas and I love this way of entertainment as well. As the most mangas and animes are produced in Japan, they actually are very popular. Almost everyone, at least among the younger people, knows the most famous animes and their stories. I personally loved this about Japan because there was almost everywhere a person, I could speak to about this topic. 
It is, however, not the case, that any single person in Japan loves animes. A lot of people are jsut watching them secondarily and there are some people, who so not consume anime or manga at all as well.

5. In Japan, everyone is polite
I would party agree with this. I mean, there are definitely more people, who are polite and avoid doing a rude action. This is also something, I really appreciate about this country; There are a lot of people, who are very willing to help you, even if you do not speak their language at all. I think, Japanese do not look away when someone is in trouble. 
A part of that is honesty. Although this cannot be connected to everything (I'll come to that later) a lot of people are honest with each other, what leads to people trusting in other people instinctively. This is also a reason for the exetremely low rate of crimes and the widespread safety. 

6. Japanese people ever stick to rules and follow insruction
So, there are definitely more instructions and rules in Japan, but it would be just wrong to say, that everyone sticks to them. I would rather say, that the rules, especially the important and sociocultural rules have a greater importance in Japan. Young students are not drinking or smoking but they definitely do breake some rules. Generally, however, the most rules are followed, what leads to an often well- working society.

7. All Japanese men drink a lot of acohol
I would partly agree. So, there actually is this stereotypical family image of the father drinking a lot after work and coming home more or less hammered, but this is not the reality all the time. My host family liked whine a lot and they used to drink it quite often, but they obviously never got drunk or so. As crimes, that are comitted in terms of drunkness are not punished so hard in Japan, however, I would suspict a drinkin rate higher that other country's ones.

8. Japanese people work exetremely hard in school
I really thought that Japanese students would study daily for long periods of time, because school is sometimes so hard over there. That was a misconception. Japanese stundents use to cram excessively before exams, but other than that, the time, they spend studying is rather small. A lot of Japanese students use to do their homework in the morning before school starts. While lessons, there are lots of sleeping students as well. When it comes to exams, however, they use to do for one or two weeks noothing but exetreme cramming until the test season is over. 

9. Japanese trains are exetremely full
Dependent. I mean, in the rushhour, trains are full everywhere and so they are in Japan. As I used to walk to school everyday, I did not experience a Japanese rush hour yet but I would not suspict it to be so very diffrent from my countries trains.
But: the trains are punctual. Every single time they are punctual on the very minute. 

10. Everyone has the newest high- technology gadgets
A lot of electronic and technic stuff is created and produced in Japan, but the technology standard does not really differ from other countries that much. The only thing, I observed, was that everyone has a really high- tech smartphones, what they make exetreme use of. As most of the young people do not possess a computer, they do everything somehow technological at their smartphones

S, that was it, I hope, you enjoyed reading this. See you soon. 


more than school

Hey, guys!
Today I want to talk about a recent developtment in my life, that is still in progress.
As the semsster is almost over and the school certification allotting approaches, we do not have any tests in this month. Although it is obviously still important, how well we do in class, all of our tests are written and the next onew will come up in the new semester, what means, that this month cannot really be filled with studying.
As a person, who studies a lot, I was kinda bored to be honest. I often do not feel good when I think, that I wasted time or didn't spent a period of time studying. This month however, too much studying could not be justified, what made me slowly accept myself doing other things that cramming school stuff.
But, I still wanted this actions, fun or not fun, to be planned, what my new calendar was a great help for. I love my calendar, not just because it's cute as hell, but just because it helps me stay organized easily. I do not need to invest hours in planning each single day, but it can be made easily within five minutes before going to bed. So, I am using this tool for planning my fun leisure activities as well.
Especally this help made me realize, that it is actually possible to be great in school while having some fun activities. It's a planning matter. Since the time, I started studying very hard I used to  avoid setting a daily study time, in case, the amount of stuff, I had to study, would exceed this time. I thought, when I would just study all day, I could only end up getting perfect grades in every subject. So I ended up doing lots of not- so- very- useful but time- costing studying and on the other hand activities with a low- quality fun level (going on youtube, browsing tumblr..) This may work technically, but it definitely is not the best way to plan and spent one's time.
Furthermore, it lead to a continous imbalance of work and fun; as I had study time till I would go to bed, I used to use this whoe time, because I convinced myself, that I could do this for school and add this studying. When I sometimes, however, was done with studying completely (in my opinion) I did not wanted to have fun actively, because that would mean a lack of studying. So, I used to go on the internet, for studying purpose and find myself later watching pointless youtube videos, that are neither informative nor actually entertaining.
So, what I want to do especally this janurary is spending my time in some way "harder". That means, bringing my studying to a higher and more qualified and effective level but also pursuing a more intense and joyous hobby.
Ther is, however, one problem, I already talked about in my post about minimalism. I have a bunch of differnt hobbies, I would love to actually engage in intensively, but it is just too much. In order to make one hobby actually enjoyable, I have to focus on it and get the other hobbies at least out of my mind.
So, what I am aiming to do is reducing my hobbies to a few ones, I really enjoy and use my calendar  as a tool to outbalance work and life more effectively, in line with the motto: "Work hard, play hard"
See you soon!


about minimalism

Hey, guys!
As I have been browsing again more about this topic, I want t talk about minimalism today. This is a movement, that basically focusses on getting rid of unneccessary things, in both physical and mental meaning. It's intention is to build up a simple life, that enables one to focus on the actual important and blissful things in life and enjoy them more and deeper. Other benefits are the reduction of stress and money, an improvement in health and the general easiness of life.
I think, the person, who could be regarded as the one, who invented the modern way of minimalism, is David Michael Bruno, who founded the "100 things challenge", that is about possessing only 100 personal items. The challenge is very variable though. A collection, for example, counts as one item, so was one of Bruno's items "a library" (his book- collection). Items, that  is shared between family members, important and life- essential tools as well as non- personal stuff do not count.
This challenge, however, marked the orgin of the modern minimalism, that I came across as well.
As I have been a great changer of my personal room (both getting rid of things and adopting new stuff to my room) ever since, my father once told me about the minimalism thing. It was about one and a half year ago, when I started getting rid of unused stuff excessively. As I started researching a bit about this topic, I really sympathised with this idea and wanted to start doing it myself.
Although there are yuite a lot of minimalists, who do not regard the "minimalism house style" as a necessary element of this lifestyle, it is a very important thing to me and the change, I started with. While minimalism should also help throwing away unneeded things and parts in one's life, the materialistic part is the easiest to my mind. Although I definitely posess more than 100 personal items in my room, I am sure, I got rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff since the beginning of my minimalism journey.
Among with other influences, I started getting more control about my life. I do not thing, this can be directly connected with minimalim but in some way it is getting rid of unnecessary and not worth making activities, what could be linked with the simple lifestyle.
As I am developing a minimalistic lifestyle, I came across some problems. As a huge part of my blog is about my handcraft and creative production of items, you may have already wondered, whether I seriously claim to be minimalistic. My basic problem is, I think, that I have lots of very consuming hobbies. As I made a list, I figured out, that I am currently pursuing 17 hobbies in total. This is way too much, especally as most of this hobbies are rather time-, energy- and space-consuming. As I looked over the list, however, I could not find a single hobby, I could stop doing. All of them seem so very important and joyous to me. As a result of this, my room is far from simple or minimalistic.
This is seriously a problem, I have to figure out. In order to support this developing process, I want to make a two- weekly or monthly update on my recent minimalistic processing. Maybe I could try removing a hobby each month till I have only five or so. I seriously do not know about this yet, but you will definetely hear about this topic later.
So, as it is not so very easy to adapt the minimalism lifestyle, one may ask, why I even target to become a minimalist, as it may be way more convenient to stay in my current positions. There are numberous benefits  about minimalism:
At first, I ever liked a easy funiture style. What I mean is, that I really angular like black and white funiture with no ornaments. I like kinda not colorful rooms with few funiture. I know, that this is not the original minimalism living idea and there are a few minimalists, who get upset about this, but for me, this is connected with minimalism. It is a kind of modern, easy living style.
Furthermore, I really love the fact, that minimalism makes so much things so much easier. First of all, as there are not so items and therefore a cleaner and tidier room. But a simple life is easier to plan and t enjoy as well. The money- aspect is another great asset.
Minimalism is also a way to move away from the mainstream hectic lifestyle, it is about exploring oneself and one's life and living more conscious and aware of oneself. I think, it leads to more careful and deeper thinking and a more profound insight.
General, it seems to me like the created space is wonderful fillable with journeys and exploring places, what I really love to do.
It's a great thing, I think and I'll update you about my further minimalistic developtment,
However, have a nice day and see you soon!


~fimo update

Hey, guys!

As I've been making some new fimo recently, I wanted to show you my new jewelry pieces. As I'm somehow starting to be really interested in the pastel goth style, I made some exetremely pastel and cute goods. As you can see, I made a rainbow chain, that was inspired by plenty of similar chains. It's simple yet adorable, what is the reason, why I like it.
Next, we have two earing pins in the form of this kinda marshmellow- curl. I don't know its proper name and I haven't seen or eaten one in real life, but I liked the form. Although, I wonder, whether they will actually look good as earings.
Because I had some fimo material left over, I decided to make a color- mixed button, I want to sew on a blouse to give it a little pastel- like look.
I like the rainbow cake the best. As I was creating rather small fimo stuff before, I wanted to try ouut something a little more complicated, what made me choose this also often- made pastel rainbow cake chain, that I am planning to wear in the next time.
For some of my friends, who will have birthday soon, I tried to make a fimo Moomin guy and a fimo MyMelody (Unfortunately, I didn't took a picture of the final version of them, so this is a kinda unfinished version, but I hope it is okay though). I am not so happy with this fimo pieces, as they eventually did not look as cute as I hoped them to. I am, however, okay with it.
Creating fimo was again fun and I like the results.
See you soon


a party invitation

So, I got a party invitation. It was not direcetly adressed to me but to my whole grade, what means, that I am involved. So, basically, the grade's stundent leadership planned to make a party in our school's party room. They are, obviously, not allowed to bring alcohol, but it was said, that people could pre- drink. Now, they are trying to find enough people, who are interested to convince the school administration that this party is worth making.
When I read this, I was first like "Nope." but then I started to think about why I have succh a negative attitude towads parties, despite the fact, that I have not been to a actually "real" party in my life. I figured out, that there are a couple of reasons, why I refuse.
The first, an to me most important reason is, that there are going to be lots and lots of people. People, I don't really know, people, I do not know what they're thinking about me or people, from whose I know that they do not like me for whatever reason. I mean, I try to stop caring about other person's opinion, especally if I don't like this persons either, but I cannot stop imagine them talking and mocking about me. So, on this kind of party, where lots of this people will be, I could never be freely myself, as I would somehow try to do something between fitting in, being inconspicous and actually having fun. If it would be party, where only people, I like or people, I appreciate, would appear, it would be diffrent probably.
This leads me to the nest reason: I can't dance, I mean, technically, everybody can dance, but I'm no good dancer at least. I actually do not really know, what this kind of dancing in a club or at a party is about. Me trying to dance would not look very appropriate, I guess. So, as I cannot spend the evening rocking the dance floor, I would not have very much to do, except from consuming the provided foods or drinks or talking to my friends, what is not the actual intention of a party.
So, I think, I could not really enjoy the party.
Another important point is the music, that is going to be played at this kind of party. I bet, it is going to be this stereotypical dico- techno- music or juat the normal pop songs. This is not necessarily music, I don't like but I just do not appreciate it so much, that I could listen to it all night at this extreme volume.
Another think, I do not like about parties is that getting- ready- stuff. Besides the fact, that I don't think that my wadrobe contains any clothes that would be sppropriate at a party to wear, I am definitely not willing to invest hours of getting dressed and making my hair and Make- up just for one single night, where I am not very likely to meet a special person or somebody, I haven't met before.
So, I think, this are basically the reasons, I refused to attend this party. maybe I'm not ready yet, maybe I'm just not the party- person. But I'm okay with that.
I hope to see you soon!


travel2japan #7 the last day before departure

Hey guys!
So, I was to Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm no going to do this. 
Some backround information:
I was to Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

#7 last day before departure
Real date: March 20th

Friday: It'll start tomorrow. I'm having slight stomach aches the whole day, it got worse and worse at home. I said goodbye to everyone. Somehow, it seems like ages to me, since my parents waved me goodbye at our house's door today's morning, but the day passed so quickly. The talks, I had woth me friends were strange. As well as at home. I did the whole rest stuff. I lesseed the weight of the suitcase and the handluggage a little, both are now laying, packed, in front of my wadrobe.
I searched for the gates. The ones from Istanbul airport are not visible yet, I was so desperate. My parents wrote in my calendar as well, what felt very strange.
The first time in a while, I wanted to do domething with my family- eating together or so. Before, I just wanted to organize everything alone and I cut myself off. I already miss my family and my house. Today, I looked at the pinboard and thought, that it's so beautiful.
I never was and wanted to be so long with my parents (since a long time). The talks were like everybody had to try not to cry. In my room, I cried a bit quitely but the imagination, that I'm strong and that I have the courage to do such a thing and that I'll come back as an adult, gives me strength.
Just now, my parents and my brother walked in and took photos of me and my suitcase. Then, my father put an avocado in a glass in my room; it takes so long to put down roots, that it may've put down roots, when I'm home again. I took 7€ for the flight(station) with me. Now, I'll set my alarm for tomorrow (4 o'clock in the morning) and put my suitcase downstairs(what is done, is done).
Now, my brother is building his (Minecraft) world. I want to cross out every day, I accomplished in Japan. I know, this will help me, too.
It is almost 7 o'clock (in the evening) I'm ready to go to bed. I wrote Karina the whole day messages, I just wanted to write with her and ask, whether she knows, how we'll fly from Istanbul (which gate) As she didn't answer, I became a little intrusive. She somehow snapped. (I felt it that way, because I was nervous, but she just was a little annoyed of my concern) I had to cry a little again. Why is she so mean ? :( (I seriously wrote this sad smiley, I think, I was extremely nervous and emocially instable)
However, I don't have to care about her! I'm currently trying to suffocate my feelings by watching (youtube) videos. I am afraid and homesick. I'm walking around irresolute and I don't know what to do before going to bed. (Okay, this last post is seriously kinda depressing, but I actually looked forward to Japan. My fear was just bigger than my joy and as I tend to worry about a lot of things excessive, I was extremely sad and nervous and anxious this day.)

I hope, you liked this part
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I was sking !

Hey, guys!
I was sking this weekend and it was amazing. It basically consistet of me and my friend sking at half- melten pistes and us watching movies or series at her Netflix account. I'm going to talk about certain series later but let me just say: We watched a bunch of serious and they were more or less amazing;

  • Walking Dead: I was hardly disappointed. The series is the most zombie- clichees- like- think, I've ever seen and it was in no way exciting or thrilling but just ridicculous to watch
  • Sherlock: I really enjoyed watching this detective story, although I couldn't take Watson for serious, as I always saw te hobbit in him
  • Lost: Great series, I loved it. It was fascinating, exciting and interesting to watch and I liked especally the variety of characters and their stories. I#m planning to go on watching this series. 
  • Supernatural: It is one of my friend's favorite series, but to me, it was just shit. It consistet mostly of a far- fetched, unrealistic story, that tries to be funny and interesting, mixed with a bunch of bad effects and magic characters, who couldn't be less authentic. 
  • Der Tatortreiniger (The crime scene cleaner): We didn't really expect this series to be anything good and it fulfilled our expectations completely. It was just weird and not funny and like those horrific scripted reality shows. But we laughed about it
  • American Horror Story: OMG, I love it so much. After we've watched one episode, I just wanted to keep watching. I mean, as I like horror movies very much, I obviously likes this series for it's scary and unexplained happenings, but it wasn't the typical horror story, as I would've expected it. Apart from two things, there is nothing paranormal or unhappenable but lots of strange psycho people, who are all in some way connected and linked with each other. It was exciting and funny. The haunted- old- house storie couln't be more stereotypical, but I really appreciated the way, this topic was dealt with in the series. I want to keep watching it.
  • Mirai Nikki (Future Diary): The is the only anime, we watched and it was interesting. Although it's often unrealistic happenings and exaggerated characters, it was a very intersting and compelling story.
The evening before, I slept at her place and we browsed through the internet and actually tried out a tutorial for black magic, what (unfortuanately) didn't work out at all, but it was funny. (Seriously, who actually think, it would work out?!) We obviously drove ski as well. I don't really know, what I should tell about this. The snow was less yet great to be there at least. It took me a little time to "relearn" sking but I just fell down one time and it was really fun to drive, although my fingers almost freezed to death. We also build a small snowman and trew snowballs and each other. On the third day, we slid down a gigantic snow hill, what was extremely joyous. The village was cute, vintage and cozy, so was the house, we lived in. We had all- day vegan food, what I really enjoyed. And we drank lots of cacao. It was really great.

So, this was my short opinion about the ski holdidays and I'd wish for more snow, but I'm positive that my desire won't be fulfilled.

However, have a nice day and see you tomorrow!