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Hey, guys!
As I have been browsing again more about this topic, I want t talk about minimalism today. This is a movement, that basically focusses on getting rid of unneccessary things, in both physical and mental meaning. It's intention is to build up a simple life, that enables one to focus on the actual important and blissful things in life and enjoy them more and deeper. Other benefits are the reduction of stress and money, an improvement in health and the general easiness of life.
I think, the person, who could be regarded as the one, who invented the modern way of minimalism, is David Michael Bruno, who founded the "100 things challenge", that is about possessing only 100 personal items. The challenge is very variable though. A collection, for example, counts as one item, so was one of Bruno's items "a library" (his book- collection). Items, that  is shared between family members, important and life- essential tools as well as non- personal stuff do not count.
This challenge, however, marked the orgin of the modern minimalism, that I came across as well.
As I have been a great changer of my personal room (both getting rid of things and adopting new stuff to my room) ever since, my father once told me about the minimalism thing. It was about one and a half year ago, when I started getting rid of unused stuff excessively. As I started researching a bit about this topic, I really sympathised with this idea and wanted to start doing it myself.
Although there are yuite a lot of minimalists, who do not regard the "minimalism house style" as a necessary element of this lifestyle, it is a very important thing to me and the change, I started with. While minimalism should also help throwing away unneeded things and parts in one's life, the materialistic part is the easiest to my mind. Although I definitely posess more than 100 personal items in my room, I am sure, I got rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff since the beginning of my minimalism journey.
Among with other influences, I started getting more control about my life. I do not thing, this can be directly connected with minimalim but in some way it is getting rid of unnecessary and not worth making activities, what could be linked with the simple lifestyle.
As I am developing a minimalistic lifestyle, I came across some problems. As a huge part of my blog is about my handcraft and creative production of items, you may have already wondered, whether I seriously claim to be minimalistic. My basic problem is, I think, that I have lots of very consuming hobbies. As I made a list, I figured out, that I am currently pursuing 17 hobbies in total. This is way too much, especally as most of this hobbies are rather time-, energy- and space-consuming. As I looked over the list, however, I could not find a single hobby, I could stop doing. All of them seem so very important and joyous to me. As a result of this, my room is far from simple or minimalistic.
This is seriously a problem, I have to figure out. In order to support this developing process, I want to make a two- weekly or monthly update on my recent minimalistic processing. Maybe I could try removing a hobby each month till I have only five or so. I seriously do not know about this yet, but you will definetely hear about this topic later.
So, as it is not so very easy to adapt the minimalism lifestyle, one may ask, why I even target to become a minimalist, as it may be way more convenient to stay in my current positions. There are numberous benefits  about minimalism:
At first, I ever liked a easy funiture style. What I mean is, that I really angular like black and white funiture with no ornaments. I like kinda not colorful rooms with few funiture. I know, that this is not the original minimalism living idea and there are a few minimalists, who get upset about this, but for me, this is connected with minimalism. It is a kind of modern, easy living style.
Furthermore, I really love the fact, that minimalism makes so much things so much easier. First of all, as there are not so items and therefore a cleaner and tidier room. But a simple life is easier to plan and t enjoy as well. The money- aspect is another great asset.
Minimalism is also a way to move away from the mainstream hectic lifestyle, it is about exploring oneself and one's life and living more conscious and aware of oneself. I think, it leads to more careful and deeper thinking and a more profound insight.
General, it seems to me like the created space is wonderful fillable with journeys and exploring places, what I really love to do.
It's a great thing, I think and I'll update you about my further minimalistic developtment,
However, have a nice day and see you soon!

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