~is pastel goth the solution?

A few weeks ago, I've talked about my struggling about whether I like Decora Style or Rock Chic better, and as I've recently come across the Pastel Goth again, it seems that I've found a solution for my problem.
So Pastel Goth is, as the name implies, a mix of cute elements and pastel color, preferable linght pink, blue and purple and goth elements and black clothes. Pastel Goths often combine light- colored hair with pullovers or shirts with symbols or themes like skulls, letterings, hearts or daggers. Then, often short black skirts or hotpants are wearn, combined with themed tights or leggins. The shoes are often boots, with shoelaces, that are high- heeled sometimes. The whole appearance is smoothened by themed acessoires like dagger- chains, flower crowns or mouthpieces.
So, when looking at a Pastel Goth outfit, it is really both cut and adorable yet dark and rocky, what is the greates asset, this style has in my opinion. It also isn't too hard to implement (as far as I can judge) as it's mostly a mixture of "normal" clothes, who are themed with cuteness or gothic- style.
If I'll really try to adapt this style, however, I'm going to change it a little, as my favored dark style isn't Gothic Style but Rock Chic. Even if both of them feature dark- ripped clothes (sometimes), I like Rock Chic better. Goth's clothes are often a little vintage- like and elegant and they often wear heavey, dark- themed accessoires and dark, thick make- up. It's a pretty style, but nothing for me to wear. I like the little hipster- like, ripped and denim Rock Chic Style way more.
So if I want to combine my most- loved style, it's going to be something like a Pastel Rock style. After googleing this words I came across various variations and types of styles, such as "Pastel Punk" or "Bubble Goth". Seems like I still have a lot to learn and experience in the world of alternative styles. What I'd have Pastel Rock expected to be, would be like pastel goth, but without this little elegant theme and the dagglings but instead a little more denim and ripped- like, if that's understandable. I think, I'll start basing my style on pastel colors and black and see, what'll come next.
I may've sounded like a complete style weeaboo in this article and I think, I actually am one.
See you soon xx

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