~review: American Horror Story

Okay, before I start talking about the series, I want to point out, that I'm not so far into watching this series. I'm currently at the eighth episode of the first season, what means that I am, judging by the series total length, at the pretty beginning. I want, however, to talk about it, because I think, I actually have some knowledge despite my little watching experience.
American Horror Story is a series who basically deals with a house (in the later seasons other places) being somehow haunted or condemned because of the people, who have died in in violently. As the main character's family moves into the so-called 'Murder House', they fastly come across lots of weird and scary happenings. Furthermore, they have to deal with their own, messed- up lifes and feelings. (spoiler spoiler spoiler) In the plot's course, a lot of strange persons start to sppear in the house's surroundings, like the scary neightboor's family and their children, a man with brain cancer who seems to know the father really well and a boy, who dreams of commiting a high school massacre. As the family's mother and daugther are almost getting murderes by a group of people, they try to sell the house, what turns out to be extremely difficul
t because of it's horrible past.
Before I saw the first episode, I would've suspicted a typical horror movie, in which the house is full of ghosts, weird creatures and unexplainable happenings, in which the persons are getting violated. So, I was even more surprised, that this series is diffrent (at least, it seams diffrent on the first glimpse). The first few episodes are telling scary and weird happinings, but none of them is directly connected to paranormal phenomenens. Although there are a few unexplainable characters or objects, the story seems theoretically happenable at the beginning. Just in the course of events, the house turns out to be more living than it was suspicted first. So, the viewer gets to this insight as far as the story's characters do.
There is a variety of characters and their stories, what makes it very interesting. There are no necessarily 'good' or 'bad' persons, almost everyone has done something wrong but everyone had to suffer somehow. The story is not really a war between good and evil but a messed- up battle with various, mixed- up characters, who change and develop. Although there are persons, who one is more likely to symathise with, there are various perspectives and opinions, that can be made about the plot.
Another interesting thing was the house itself. It's a vintage- like mansion with lots of rooms and corridors and a long history, that is told piece by piece in each episode, what makes the happenings exetremely interesting, as connections to the past can be made, especally when presumed dead characters are starting to appear in the family's surroundings.
So, despite this positive aspects, the series starts missing something for me me really important feature during the course of happenings: realism. I don't mean the logical non- existence of ghosts and supernatural phenomenons, but what I'm talking about is, that the person's action and the course of plot is getting less authentic and believable in it's process. I mean, there are people actually getting murdered in the house, and there are neither police officers nor investigator or anybody elso, who wants to find out, what happenes? Furthermore, almost everybody can just enter the house so easily as if the door would be open all the time, what is just too easy. Another unauthentic fact is the likelyness of a character to become a murderer. I don't think, that it is so easy to just kill a person because of his/ her behavior or one's own mood. Furthermore, I think, it isn't so easy to hide a corpse in one's own garden without anybody suspicting anything.
But it is, however, a great series (as far as I watched it), that I'm planning to continue watching.
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