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So, whatever country or place it is, there are stereotypes. Especally about geographical or cultural distant countries, lots of stereotypes are existent. Stereotypes and prejudices were orignially created, to speed up the process of judjing and classifying other humans. And as most of them are a result or reality (somehow), there is some truth in them, nevertheless, thes should not function as judging tools. Here are 10 very common Japanese stereotypes:

1. Japanese people do not speak english.

This is a stereotype, I have to agree partly to. There are quite a lot of Japanese people, whose englisch is not very good. Often, the children can speak a little english because it is a school subject, whereas adult, who do not work anyhow international, are not good in thois language. Japanese people are somehow struggeling with learning foreign languages in general. Although there are some people, who are very interested in foreign countries and their languages, they often try to learn it only by memorizing. This is the problem with Japanese englisch as well. A lot of people do not like english at all and almost everyone tries to study it by pure memorizing.

2. Japanese people are refusing to say there opinion openly
This is probably true but actually not in the way, I had expected it. Before I went to Japan, I was told, that anything would be impressed exetremely politely and indirectly (e.g.: "This is a little impossible"), so I tried to adopt this manner and speak this way, too. As it turned out, rather a lot of Japanese people are expressing their own opinion on something very directly, what really confused me at the beginning.
I would rather see the problem at a different place. When Japanese people are asked, how they are, the answers are often restricted to "Fine" and "Tired", what is not the whole emotional spectrum of a person, even if he/ she is from Japan.

3. Japanese men are all otakus
An anime- otaku room source
(Otaku= Somebody who does a hobby excessively, often used to describe manga/ anime otakus) Definitely not true. Although there are peole, who are obsessed with a hobby, it is not the normal and furthermore not japantypical. Probably, there are a little more people hiding in their houses and obsessing about their hobby, but it is not that often. I never met such a person at least.

4. All Japanese people love manga and anime
Japanese pop culture is probably the most popular part of Japan known overseas and I love this way of entertainment as well. As the most mangas and animes are produced in Japan, they actually are very popular. Almost everyone, at least among the younger people, knows the most famous animes and their stories. I personally loved this about Japan because there was almost everywhere a person, I could speak to about this topic. 
It is, however, not the case, that any single person in Japan loves animes. A lot of people are jsut watching them secondarily and there are some people, who so not consume anime or manga at all as well.

5. In Japan, everyone is polite
I would party agree with this. I mean, there are definitely more people, who are polite and avoid doing a rude action. This is also something, I really appreciate about this country; There are a lot of people, who are very willing to help you, even if you do not speak their language at all. I think, Japanese do not look away when someone is in trouble. 
A part of that is honesty. Although this cannot be connected to everything (I'll come to that later) a lot of people are honest with each other, what leads to people trusting in other people instinctively. This is also a reason for the exetremely low rate of crimes and the widespread safety. 

6. Japanese people ever stick to rules and follow insruction
So, there are definitely more instructions and rules in Japan, but it would be just wrong to say, that everyone sticks to them. I would rather say, that the rules, especially the important and sociocultural rules have a greater importance in Japan. Young students are not drinking or smoking but they definitely do breake some rules. Generally, however, the most rules are followed, what leads to an often well- working society.

7. All Japanese men drink a lot of acohol
I would partly agree. So, there actually is this stereotypical family image of the father drinking a lot after work and coming home more or less hammered, but this is not the reality all the time. My host family liked whine a lot and they used to drink it quite often, but they obviously never got drunk or so. As crimes, that are comitted in terms of drunkness are not punished so hard in Japan, however, I would suspict a drinkin rate higher that other country's ones.

8. Japanese people work exetremely hard in school
I really thought that Japanese students would study daily for long periods of time, because school is sometimes so hard over there. That was a misconception. Japanese stundents use to cram excessively before exams, but other than that, the time, they spend studying is rather small. A lot of Japanese students use to do their homework in the morning before school starts. While lessons, there are lots of sleeping students as well. When it comes to exams, however, they use to do for one or two weeks noothing but exetreme cramming until the test season is over. 

9. Japanese trains are exetremely full
Dependent. I mean, in the rushhour, trains are full everywhere and so they are in Japan. As I used to walk to school everyday, I did not experience a Japanese rush hour yet but I would not suspict it to be so very diffrent from my countries trains.
But: the trains are punctual. Every single time they are punctual on the very minute. 

10. Everyone has the newest high- technology gadgets
A lot of electronic and technic stuff is created and produced in Japan, but the technology standard does not really differ from other countries that much. The only thing, I observed, was that everyone has a really high- tech smartphones, what they make exetreme use of. As most of the young people do not possess a computer, they do everything somehow technological at their smartphones

S, that was it, I hope, you enjoyed reading this. See you soon. 

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