cooking week #2 walnut- muffins

Hey, everyone!
Going on with the 'breakfast'- section in my cooking book, I made walnut muffins. Although I would not neccessarily regard muffins as something, I would eat for breakfast, I think, that this food is a great, sweet snack, that is probably not so very healthy.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Ingredients: flour
baking powder
cacao powder
cinamon powder
 valla sugar
 soj/ rice milk
Required devices: a bowl
                              muffin paper
                              a muffin pan

How to do:
Start by cutting 100g walnuts in smaller pieces and put them into the bowl. For preparation, put the muffin papers in the muffin pan or grease the muffin pan. If required, preheat you oven to 180°C (360 Fahrenheit).
Put 289g flour, 100g sugar and one tablespoon of cacao powder, cinamon powder and vanilla powder and two tablespoons of baking powder into the bowl. Then, add 250ml milk and 80ml oil (I use not tastable canola oil) and mash all incredients together, until the dough has become a smooth mixture. Spread the dough into the muffin pan, so that it is 3/4- full. Bake them for about 25 minutes at 180°C (360 Fahrenheit) heat.
Let them cool down for about 5 minutes, then they are ready to eat.

What I like about this muffins is, that they are not entirely sweet but have this nussy, a little rough aroma. I hope you enjoyed this recepie and may try it out yourself. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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