What a night routine can change

Hey, everybody!
When saying the word "night routine", a lot of people would think immediately about this beauty youtubers and their romantic and too elegant to be true night routines. That's ot what I'm talking about. The night routine, I use to do containes beauty aspects as wel but it's more about functionality and adaptability for every day.
Not so long ago, I did not use to have a night neither a morning routine. I would just do my stuff until it was done or I was feeling too tired or my parents made me go to bed. Not uncommonly, this lead to some nocturnal hectic. I would often not be finished with my stuff when I had to go to bed or skip actions, I regarded to be less important (e.g. brushing my tooth properly) in order to go to the more important parts. This half- fulfuilled actions, paired with rushing hectic and confusion, didi not help to give me a good feeling before sleeping.
Staying in Japan, I met an extremely structured, organized and scheduled world, where almost everytime was fixed. As I used to have a determinent shower time each night, I build up a routine from this. I regarded this as being very helpful, because I could structure my actions of the day better, knowing, at which time I had to be done. It also made going to bed more smoothly, because the longer I had the routine, the more smootly and automatically it went every night. This routine in Japan basically consisted of showering, getting ready, saxing everyone good night, preparing my bag for the next day, writing diary and going to sleep. It was really more about beauty.
So, when I came home, I did not want to give up this really beneficial structureness and started building up a night routine. The first thing, it included was the daily shower as well. From this point on, I builded up more and more aspects to the routine, so that it now takes about 2 hours in total every day. It, obviously, is not a bare beauty routine anymore. I think, my routine could be cathegorized in 4 kinds:
 a) beauty (showering, brushing teeth, getting ready, preparing the clothing for the next day) b) studying (watching the daily news, doing my vocabulary flashcards, reviewing the studied subjects shortly) c) friends/ contacting (my online time: answering messages, preparing my long- term gifts for some of my friends) c) planning (reflecting the old day, planning and structuring the new day).
This may sound like a lot of time- consuming work to do, but most of the activities does not cost more than 15 minutes. The night routine somehow consists of the small, maybe not so important tasks and steps for reaching long- term- goals.
For me, this night routine has turned out to be very beneficial. It gives me a good feeling about the day, because I at least managed to complete my night routine (always the last point on my daily to- do- list). I also like the reflecting part. By reflecty my day every day, I kind of get a better feeling for my life and expectations and possible change. As mentioned before, the night routine becomes more smooth and automatical, the more often you do it.
I am still improving and changing my night routine continously, it's not fixed forever.

So, I really hope you enjeyed reading this article and found it helpful for your own life.
See you soon!

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