Leave your comfort zone!

Hey, everybody who is reading this!
You are now likely to be in your comfort zone and today I want to enyourage you to leave this zone.
The term comfort zone desribes a mental area, where we are fine and feel secure, because we know everything within the area and repetedly made the activities in the area so that we do not have to strain to do them.
Outside of this comfort zone is unknown, dangerous or risky territory, an area filled with situation, where we do not feel so secure, beacause we do not really know, what kind of things are in there and how to accomplish them. It can be a really frightening place.

This area outside your comfort zone, however, is the key to personal and buisness success.
It provides new chances and benefits a better knowledge of yourself and the world, great feelings and huge experiences. Because it, on the other hand, includes discomfort, insecurity and risks as well, a lot of people refuse to leave their comfort zone and enter this unknown territory.
But only by trying out new things, taking chances and allowingin failure to happen, people can grow. It is also beneficial because it can bring great opportunities, you would have never seen in your comfort zone. In the end, it leaves an amazing feeling leaving your comfort zone. the more often you explore new situations, the easier and less scary it becomes.

But at the beginning, leaving your comfort zone will not be easy. So, start small and seach for a little new opportunity or unknown challenge. Do not start with the global dominance but begin with small goals. After having achived them, you can go further and rise your standards.
If you feel overwhelmed or exhausted by new opportunities you can always come back into your comfort zone, but remember, that the first steps of leavin it will be sometimes worrisome. So, keep a balance between new challenges and comfort security.

I hope you liked that post and it can help you leaving your comfort zone and exploring the world.
See you tomorrow!

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