How to color code your notes

Hello everybody reading!
It can be significantly beneficial color coding your notes, because it makes connections and ties easier understandable as welll as making your notes look pretty and therefore more likely to be remembered.

What is a color code? Color coding means dedicating each color to a certain type of notes, for example blue for examples, red for therories and green for definitions. Keeping this color code helps you finding certain notes more easily as well as memorizing better by visualizing the content.

How to do it: First of, there is, as always, not the one real way to do it and everyone has to decide, what fits him or her best and makes the notes the best in his or her eyes. This is just the way, I use to color code my notes or my calendar.

1.) First of all, pick a color code. For this, you first have to think about the content you want to color code. Is it a book? A paper sheet? A folder? Nextly, you have to decide, which information you want to distinguish or to put together by dedicationg colors to them. From all this consideration you then have to decide which color code to use. My color code (for school notes) is:
 orange- person
 green- date
 purple- reference (e.g. in the book)
 red- place/country
 brown- group (of people)
 pink- definitions, important rules
For my calendar, however, I prefer a diffrent system:
 pink- school
 green- friends
 blue- routine stuff, daily to do
 brown- blog/etsy
 orange- birthdays
So, as you can see, the system radically differs according to the medium and type of information you want to color code. Whatever code you want to have, I highly recommend keeping a color key sheet, where you write down, which color symbolizes what.

2.) Nextly, you have to pick one of two systems on how to color code your notes; Either you can write the whole information in the dedicated color or you can underline or highlight the information with a colored pen. For my calendar, I prefer the first way, for school notes, I rather write all my notes in dark blue and then underline certain information because it is faster and everything is easier able to read.

3.) So, after having sucessfully completed all this preparation, you have to actually do the color coding. So, do always keep colored pens with you to school as well as your color code key sheet. If it requires to much of your attention color codig all information during class, I rather advice you to write 'normal' notes during class and do the color coding afterwards when you go through your notes. If possible, however, try to do as much in class as possible.
A blank color code key sheet

4.) It is very important to keep your code to make your brain getting used to the colors. So do not only color code the notes of one subject but of as many as possible. It certainly takes time to get used to the colors, but after that, it will pay of. Furthermore, it helps you creating this beatiful notes, everyone loves.

So, I really hope, you know understood the principle of color coding and found this article helpful. Have a nice, colorful day and see you tomorrow!              

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