How to find your own time management system

Hello everyone reading!
I think, the first time I got interested in time management and planning my day was when I was about 12 years old. I would take a sheet of paper and plan my entire day, literally schedule every 5 minutes of the day with some kind of tasks I think I should do.
This didn't work.
After that I had a kind of break in my interest in this topic till I was fascinated by time management again, when I was about 15 years old.
Since my first encounter with time management I have tried out any kinds of to-do-lists, smartphone planning tools, calendar systems, online schedules, time management sheets and anything else you can think of regarding time management. Most methods I engaged in failed, some worked temporarily and only a few did actually appear to work continuously.

The thing with planning methods is that they are a very individual thing, just as human beings are individual. It is not very likely that one planning method fits a person completely but it will rather be the case that some parts of the method work, while other don't.

So, finding the right planning system it is not only about figuring out which methods work but also which parts of the methods work and how they can be connected effectively with each other.
It certainly takes time to figure this out. I would not trust this kind of personality tests proposing to have the one only right planning system for you because there is no such thing as an one only right planning system.
What I would recommend, is trying out systems as much as possible. believe me, I tried out so much systems, I cannot even count them.

The insight won't come fast. You will not find a new, inovational planning system and work with it for the rest of your life. It is more likely that step by step, always adding a new aspect or method, restructuring it or getting rid of parts.
you will build up a time management system very slowly,
Still, my time management system is continously improving, growing rising and it will definitely go on doing so.

So, instead of waiting for a sudden insight, start now mastering your time and even if you fail- it will help you growing.
So, I really hope you find this post helpful and liked it and I will see you tomorrow!

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