When to plan you day- Why you should do it the night before

Hey, everybody!
Talking about time managemente, people have lots of diffrent systems and devices and I tried out several option before I came to the way of planning, I now pursue, too. What I, next to tons of diffrent online tools and calendar applications, experimented with as well is the time, I plan next day.
It is quite questionable, whether to plan a day the night before or in the morning. I personally prefer planning my day the night before for some reasons; first of all, I am more relaxed in the night, when I got about all of my day done and have nothing important I have to do anymore. There is no haste or hectic and I can be on my own and be relaxed.
Furthermore, it is somehow easier to plan something completely new than restructuring something that has already begun. As the day has already starteds in the morning, I often do not feel like I want to plan the day, because it has already started. In the night, however, I have the motivation to make the next day a great and productive one and exhaust all possiblities.
That leads me to the next point; in the morning, when the day has already started to rise, I am more likely to plan a lazier day or procrastinate on tasks. Because I have the feeling, that the day has already begun "without my control", I gain the opinion, that it is practically over and cannot become that amazing.

So, as you can see it leads to a
much more productive and and ambitious daily plan if settng up the plan before. I hope, you liked that  post and I will see you tomorrow!

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