cosplay: Dharma suit (LOST) #3: sleeves and legs

Hey, guys!
In yesterday's sewing session, I finished the waistcoat part of my cosplay and so today, I could went on with sewing the sleeves and the legs. There, however, occured a proplem as the forms, I cut out where to small, so that my shoulder part would not fit in. So, I included a few extra stepts on solving this problem. Here we go:

The third step: the sleeves and the legs
(important: I double- sewed every seam!)
3.1. sewing together the backpart and the front (+ extra parts)
As I wanted to sew together the frontparts (A& B) and the backpart (C), I realized, that the forms were to small. So, I cut out an extra form (P) that should enlarge the shoulder part. I sewed on this part left/ right to the right/ left original collar part. So, the strap is now P and the original collar of A/ B.

3.2. the collar

As my original collar was now turned into a strap part, I cut out a new collar piece (Q) First of all. I sewed it as a long double- pannel of fabric. After turning it to the right side, I sewed it on along the frontpart, the P part and the backpart (C). As I had whipstitched the top edge of the frontparts before this, the edge where I sewed on the collar from the inside looked clean from both sides. So, the collar can be turned down without looking not clean.

3.3. the legs (2x)
To sew on the legs, I first  sewed on the leg part (I/J) to the backpart C (left side on left side). Then I sewed it together with both layers of fabric of the frontpart (A&B) left side on left side. Turning the whole thing around, I now had two long fabric tubes.

3.4. zipper improvement

To make the zipper cover (part of B) really cover the zipper and form a fly down at the legs, I sewed along the whole edge of the edge, where B1 and B2 are sewed together. At the very bottom, I sewed on this part to the other side(A)

3.5. the sleeves (2x)
As for the sleeves, I first sewed together each sleeve part (F1 and F2). Now, I made the sleeve hem with a press button to close. I first sewed on an outer press button to the outer side and and inner press button to the outer side of the pannell of fabric (G). Now, I sewed together both parts with the buttons on the inside. Turning it around, I now had a pannel of fabric with a pressbutton. By rolling it around the outer edge of the sleeve, I esstimated, where I had to sew it on to make the press bottons lay on each other. I sewed ion the outer side of the sleeve. Now, I took the whole sleeves and sewed it on the sleeve part of the whole clothing (parts A, B and C)

For finishing the cosplay, I ironed it as usual and layed it down for the night. Tomorrow, I will add the butt pockets, front pockets on the legs, sew the belt and whipstitch the bottom edge of the legs. Then I am hopefully done and can wash and wear the jumsuit.

I hope my explainatuions were understandable and you enjoed reading it. Tomorrow, the last sewing part of this cosplay will come.
See you then.

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