cosplay: Dharma suit (LOST) #5: make- up, hair and presentation

Hey, guys!
As I yesterday finished sewing my cosplay, today, I could ompletely finish the outfit and present it to the world.

The fifth step: make- up, hair and presentation

5.1. make up
As for the make up, I pretty much went with a natural look. I first made my facial skin look smoother by appling blush in my skin color.
Then, I took a darker blush and blushed the darker parts in my face to enhance the shadows and the overall shape. I also darkened my eyebroms a bit. For the eyes, I applied some mascara and added a little dark grey eyeshadow. I painted my nails with a brown- silver color. All in all, it was rather natural and to my mind really fits the costume.

5.2. hair style
Also for the hair, I went with the natural path. I just opened my hair and let it go where it wanted to. it did not look too brushed but also was not dirty or unclean, what fits make up and outfit.

5.3. presentation/ poses
It was hotter than I had expected it to be. This cosplay, however, is transformable. zipping up the zipper,  I took off the sleeves and knot them together in front of my upper belly. This look, that is also worn in the series sometimes, is okay as well and if you fold it the right way, the Dharma logo can be seen as well. This tranformability of the cosplay is also beneficial because you can wear it as a summer outfit as well as a winter cosplay.

5.4. the manga convention
The convention, we visited was neither really big nor exetremely small. We went around, chatted a little with people, looked around the shops and went around to watch other cosplayers. I definitely saw some amzing outfits and got inspired by other people's cosplay.
Nobody recognized me as a Dharma worksman cosplayer, what may be because it was a rather small convention or it was a manga convention or both. In general, it was a very nice experience. To make you understand the atmosphere, I will just show a few photos now.

It was a nice day and I am happy that I cosplayed. See you soon!

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