How to repair filing clips

As I have talked about in my recent waste of the week update (week 3), I threw away a lot of filing clips recently. It was not the whole filing clip that broke but always just the wire that broke on one side. To fix this problem, I just threw away the wire and kept the rest of the filing clip to reuse.
What I used:
*an old filing clip (you can also cut out the form of the two parts from paper cardboard yourself)
*a paper straw
*tranparent tape
*a scissors

How to do it:
I started flatting the straw, using my finger and the tape (to make it really flat). Then, I cut the straw in two pieces, that each had the straw pattern on the upper and lower side. I then applied a piece of tape to the whole side of one piece and fold it together in the middle. Now, I had a robust, cute, hard stripe Icould use to replace the wire.

As you can see, it is really easy yet reduces the waste, you put in your garbage bin. For me, it is a good way to use up my remaining plastic straws.

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