paper waste update

I have two garbage cans in my room. One for paper and one for the rest. Going zero waste, I have observed the garbage bin for the rest so far. But as I recognized that I am producing a lot of plastic waste as well, I will now examine this a little bit closer as well.

In contrast to the other garbage can, the content of my paper garbage can can be recycled as I tried out myself. It is, nevertheless, paper that has to be produced, bleached, transported, processed and disposed at one time. To avoid this, I will try to keep my paper waste as low as possible as well. But as with my other garbage, the first step in doing so is examination. This is no paper, that is going to be disposed but I will use it to try out paper recycling when it has added up enough. Here we go with my paper waste;

week 1(3) (18 - 29.05.2016)
1.) Studying for my math exam, I used a lot of paper for practicing sample problems, also because I wrote in a rather big and space- consuming font (school paper)
2.) When I studied for a German exam previously, I wrote a sample analysis that I got corrected by my friends. (school paper)
3.) Notes for a presentation, I had to held (school paper)
4.) I threw away the greeting cards that remained on my wall. As they did not add happiness to my life and I did not look at them very frequenetly, they went to my bin (sentimental papers)
5.) An old envelope that I used to take some notes (not in school) (own notes)
6.) Spiral- bound notepad remains (school paper)
7.) The package of a chocolate bar. Despite quitting eating packaged cookies, I still consumed chocolate (food packaging)
8.) A business card, I got from a store, I wanted to work at (gifts/ received)
9.) Remains of my paper recycling experiment (other papers)
What I want to eliminate next week: I want to try to make my own (non- packaged) chocolate. Moreover, I will try to write in a smaller font, also when practicing on my own.

week 2 (30 - 06.06.2016)
1.) Papers, I practices mathematics with (school paper)
2.) Remains of my paper recycling experiment (other papers) 
3.) Small paper remains (other papers)
4.) A flyer from my bank (gifts/ received)
What I want to eliminate next week: Right now, I am reducing the amount of paper I use at school for practicing and taking notes (linke following). I hope that I will not find any remains of my paper experiment now.

week 3 (07 - 12.06.2016)
1.) One paper for practicing English (school paper)
2.) When I receive flyers or unimportant letters, I always use blank backsides. This part, however, was written on on both sides (gifts/ received)
3.) Although my self- made chocolate was not too bad, I ate a 'normal' chocolate that was packaged in plastic and paper (food packaging)
5.) The cardboard role of a threat I used up (other papers)
6.) Remains of memories of Rock am Ring 2016, that I did not use in my memory book (sentimental papers)
What I want to eliminate next week: I will keep trying out making tasty choclate myself. As with last week, I am reducing my paper waste at school.

week 4 (12 - 19.06.2016)
1.) Spiral- bound notepad remains (school paper)
2.) The backside of an empty notepad (school paper)
3.) Paper packaging of a bar of chocolate (food packaging)
What I want to eliminate next week: Again, I will try to make self- made chocolate. Furthermore, I am working on using less paper in school.

week 5(19 -26.06.2016)
1.) A paper for notes (school paper)
2.) Two worksheet copies I did not need (school paper)
What I want to eliminate next week:  I am still working on using less paper in school. Apart from this, I think I have made really good progress.

week 6 (26.06 - 03.07.2016)

1.) A pile of papers, I threw away after going through my 'note paper' pile and regarded as to be not usable anymore (other papers)
What I want to eliminate next week: I want to transform all my note taking to digital devices and go zero paper waste.

week 7 (03 - 10.07.2016)
1.) Sorting out some of my sentimental papers and transforming them into pages of my memory book, I produced a lot of paper waste. Every time sorting out stuff I think and hope it to be that last pile of trash that I produced cleaning up, but there has been always something left so far (sentimental papers)
2.) As the school year ended , I sorted out school papers as well  (school papers)
3.) And some smaller school papers (school papers)
What I want to eliminate next week: I will continue sorting out sentimentalpapers in the holidays, so this pile of trash will continue for a while. School papers will, however, not come in the next month.

week 8 (10 - 17.07.2016) (partly while vacation)
1.) Sorting out my make up, I also got rid of a paper box, I once crafted for make- up (other papers)
2.) Used note papers (own notes)

week 9 (17 - 24.07.2016) (partly while vacation)
1.) A pile of paper, I sorted out going through my folders (pictures, letters, memories) (sentimental papers)
2.) The paper packaging of a rivet plier, I purchased (other papers)
3.) A postcard (gifts/ received)

week 10 (24 - 31.07) (partly while vacation)
(Unfortunately, I cannot find the photo I took due to my huge digital tidying marathon. So, all I can do is try to remember the paper)
1.) Whilst cleaning up, I finally got rid of my selfmade paper LINK. It was too thick, porous and uneven and could barely be written on. So, I decided to put it away in out more effort into making good paper the next time. (other papers)
2.) Moreover, I recycled 2 books of mine in my tidying marathon. Those were the books, I ripped pages that I wanted to keep out and discarded the rest, because it cannot be donated anymore. (own notes)

week 11 (01 - 07.08)(while tidying)
 1.) A high stack of school note papers I did not need anymore (school papers)
2.) A variety of papers I disposed while tidying, mostly sentimental and self- made paper (tidying trash)

week 12 (08 - 15.08)(while tidying)
1.) Disposed memory papers (tidying trash)
2.) Paper rests of folder organizer (other papers)

week 13 (16 - 27.08)
1.) A school booklet from last year (school papers)
2.) A folder label, I did once again (school papers)
3.) The last self- made paper I threw away (other papers)
4.) 2 memos from my calendar, that got wet (own notes)
5.) A study plannign memo from last year (school papers)
6.) Smaller paper remains (other papers)
7.) Paper remains from cut- out papers (other papers)

NOTE: I decided to update my waste and paper monthly, because I feel like I am at a point to do so. At the last day of month, I am going to post an update

week 4
(I will not specifically label, whether the paper was avoidable, because most  of it was tidying up paper, that I threw away in my progress of minimalism)
1. random
2. the last flashcards, I digitalized
3. the books, I had kept due to the sunk cost fallacy, I was tricked by
4. school papers and worksheets of last year (partly scanned)
5. old exam papers of not relevant subjects
6. memory papers (scanned)
7. the flashcards, I used to write my paswords on (digitalized)
8. 2 packages of chocolate
9. information papers I no longer need
10. same as 4
11. letters I got rid of (scanned)
12. old magazine pages (scanned)
13. my old letter- organizer (no longer needed)
14. magazine snippets (scanned)

week 4 (in braclets: avoidable?)
1. leftovers from my trip to Berlin: a bus ticket and a map (difficult since I did not organize the trip..)
2. I threw away the most part of my calender (not buying calendars in the fist place, even if they are cute)
3. leftovers from crafting my visionboard (not crafting, being less wasteful with the material)
4. scanned papers
5. received letters (telling companies & friends to not contact me via letters)
6. paper packaging from buying press buttons (buying crafting supplies in higher quantity)
7. paper packaging from the headset I bought (more information in the blog post about it)
8. note papers (taking notes on digital devices)
9. cookie packaging (eating less packages sweets/ making them at home)
10. chocolate packaging (eating less packages sweets/ making them at home)
11. school papers (difficult)
12. random, paper snippets (not making so much non- random paper waste)

month 6

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  1. I love how much attention you're paying to your waste : ) I've switched to doing more things electronically (like using Evernote and Google calendar) but I still like to write with pen and paper when I'm thinking or planning or scheming (which is pretty often!). I doubt I will ever get my paper to zero, but refusing as much as I can has reduced my waste a lot, as well as the clutter! I confess, I still buy chocolate bars in foil and paper. It's my one vice. I do buy the bulk chocolate too, but bars are my weakness! Keep up the great work! Lindsay x


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