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Hello, zero waste friends!
As announced in my zero waste life post, this is the page where I will show the weekly trash, I produce and how I try to avoid those kind of trash in the future.

week 1(09 - 16.05.2016)
So, looking forward to this project, I will start today with showing you the first waste of the week for this (half) week;
1.) I have kept these nice, cute pink straws in my desk for ages to 'use them at a special opportunity, when it's worth it' As I, however, never did so, I now decided to use them up by drinking anything with these straws. So, this trash will go on for a while (food packaging)
2.) An empty ink cardridge of my pen. (stationary)
3.) Some pieces of double-sided adhesive tape, I fixed my smartphone case with. It worked. (other plastics)
4.) As I needed a glass jar for my fimo collection, I washed an old jam jar and peeled of the tag. This is the jam tag (food packaging)
In the bin were also some crumbs from sharpening a pencil.

week 2 (17- 22.05.2016)
1.) Not recyclable paper waste like book glue or plastic paper. (The paper I used for my paper recycling experiment) (other)
2.) Another paper straw (food packaging)
3.) A used razor blade (beauty products)
4.) The last paper tissues I used up (tissues)
5.)  Not recyclable photos I found while decluttering my 'memory book' (and were not recyclable) (paper)
6.) Buying bananas, I put them in a plastic bag to weigh them, what a cost stamp was put on. The receipt is not recyclable (read here for more information) (food packaging)
7.) Two annular string sets I could put out when I recycled paper (other)
8.) A plastic cover I seriously forgot where I got it from (plastic packaging)
9.) Washi tape remains (other plastics)
10.) The plastic backside of s postage stamps (other plastics)
11.) Two plastic cookie packages (food packaging)
What I want to eliminate next week: I want to quit eating packaged cookies and instead experiment with cookies you can easily make yourself. When I buy fruits, I plan to take a fabric bag with me to put the fruits in. Currently, I am trying to use a handkerchief instead of paper tissues (link follows)

week 3 (22 - 29.05.2016)
1.) Another 2 plastic straws (food packaging)
2.) 2 receipts that are not recyclable (more information) (paper)
3.) Tape and washi tape remains, 2 gum papers with gum (When I was with my friend at the Japantag, I did not refuse). A banana sticker with the weight stamp (this time, I just put the stamp directly on the banana instead of using a disposable plastic bag) (other plastics)
4.) Three empty ink cartriges (stationary)
5.) A used make up pad. I used it to remove some very resistant make up, I put on a few days ago (beauty products)
6.) A broken filing clip. As they break very often recently, I am considering making them myself (to make them more stable and hard) (stationary)
7.) An empty chocolate packaging. Despite quitting packaged cookies, I could not refuse this chocolate (food packaging)
What I want to eliminate next week: As my self- made cookies are getting better, I will try to quit eating package chocolate as well, also because I want to try out making chocolate myself . I think I will packed gum in the next time. As said above, I will try to make filing clips myself.
Moreover, I discovered that I produce a whole lot of paper waste as well. Although this can be recycled better than other kinds of trash, it is still paper that has to be produced. To observe my own paper consumption, I started waste of the week- paper.

week 4 (30 - 06.06.2016)
Unfortunately, my mother emptied my garbage bin several times, so I cannot take a photo of all of my trash of this week and have to list it up from memory.
1.) two empty ink cardriges (stationary)
2.) one receit (paper)
Sadly, this is everything, I can remember by now. Moreover the Rock am Ring (link coming) waste, namely:
3.) a lot of paper tissues and toilet paper (tissues)
4.) my printed out train tickets and plans of the festival (paper)
5.) the platic paper snippet to turn on the stamp- train ticket braclet (other plastics)
6.) a 'bag' for a burger made of a kinda plastic- like paper (food packaging)
7.) a paper bag and a wooden disposable fork (food packaging)
8.) a bin liner I carried home my dirty shoes with (plastic bags)
9.) a few drinking bottles (food packaging)
10.) the bin liner, we put all the waste in (plastic bags)
What I want to eliminate next week: I am still experimenting with recepies for selfmade cookies yet did not find the right one yet (link coming). As for festivals, you can read about my further plans here.

week 5 (07 -12.06.2016)
1.) Two empty ink cartriges (stationary)
2.) The plastic packaging of a bar of choclate, I ate after my self- made choclate was eaten up (food packaging)
3.) Two tissues. I still have to get used to handkerchiefs LINK (tissues)
4.) Washi tape remains (other plastics)
5.) Thinking about my waste, I realized that the hair, I loose is also waste, I kind of put out in the world. So I will just add it to my waste from now on (other)
6.) As I decluttered my shelves, I had to throw a few, unreusable items away, including packagings, an armband and broken earrings (other plastics)
7.) The metal part of a filing clip that broken. I will replace it with my self- made ones. (stationary)
What I want to eliminate next week:  I will keep experimenting with my self- made chocolate. I also have to figure what to do with my hair (is it compostable?) and whether I can replace ink cardriges somehow.

week 6 (12 - 19.06.2016)
1.) A dental floss stick. As I did not want to use these sticks anymore, I gave the rest of my package to my brother and now have only one stick remaining. After that, I will first use up my dental floss rope, that is at least a little less plastic and then look for an alternative. (beauty products)
2.) Cover from a cream box I am currently using up (beauty products)
3.) A used razor blade (beauty products)
4.) A label, I cut off from a skirt (other plastics)
5.) A tape- paper- thing that I used as a provisional pen lid once. (stationary)
6.) A letter window (other plastics)
7.) As I am using up my 'wellness & beauty' supplies, I started by using up this bath salt (that did not really smell like roses) (beauty products)
8.) Two empty ink cartridges. I really have to figure out alternatives (stationary)
9.) An empty glue pen. The glue pulp itself makes up only about a fifth of the real glue pen, what a waste. I read a tutorial about how to make glue yourself and may try it out after my other glue pen is empty as well (stationary)
10.) The plastic packaging of a bar of chocolate. I still have no new cacao butter to try the next self- made chocolate experiment. (food packaging)
11.) The spiral of a spiral notebook (stationary)
12.) Again some balls of hair (other)
What I want to eliminate next week: As I am currently using up my 'wellness & beauty' supplies, this kind of waste will remain for a while. But I have to consider the waste I produce in school, more closely. So, I started the series 'zero waste school life'

week 7 (19 - 26.06.2016)
1.) Two plastic packages of dark chocolate. At least, this chocolate is not packed in paper as well (food packaging)
2.) The plastic packaging of a bag of chashew nuts (food packaging)
3.) An used straw (food packaging)
4.) Washitape remains. I finally disposed this washi tape, that was not sticking at all (stationary)
5.) The ingredient stamp of a bottle of cream I almost used up. I want to use that bottle to fill in selfmade cream and did not like the stamp on the backside(beauty products)
6.) Another ball of hairs (other)
7,) A broken hair tie. Now, I have only one left (beauty products)
What I want to eliminate next week: I really have to work on my food packaging waste. Especially for the chocolate waste, I better figure out a way to avoid that.

week 8 (26.06 - 03.07.2016)
1.) Another package of chocolate. The problem is that cacao butter what I make chocolate of, is difficult to find. (food packaging)
2.) Being on a scout's meeting, I unpreparedly packed nothing like a zero waste kit and had my chips to be filled into a paper bag. (food packaging)
3.) 2 paper straws. First package is used up. (food packaging)
4.) The plastic package of the straws (food packaging)
5.) A used up thread roll. I still have no idea how to avoid this waste (other plastics)
6.) An empty ink cartridge. Alternatives? (stationary)
7.) A ball of hair (other)
8.) A used plaster. I have little idea how to replace it with something zero waste. (other)
What I want to eliminate next week:  Maybe, I will be able to make chocolate. I will start using up my second package of paper straws. And I should really start figuring out a zero waste kit.

week  9 (03 - 10.07.2016)
1.) a bunch of photos I sorted out when going through some of my sentimental papers  (paper)
2.) Sorting out, I also had to remove a spiral spring from papers (other plastics)
3.) This was, amongst others, the photo album, I sorted out (paper)
4.) hair (other)
5.) tape remains (other plastics)
6.) A piece of fabric that came lost from a bag, I sewed once (other)
7.) The platic packaging of  cookie (food packaging)
8.) 2 recepits (paper)
9.) Some backsides of stamps, I am using to decor letters (stationary)
10.) An empty ink cartrige. (stationary)
11.) An used floss stick (the last one, finally) (beauty products)
12.) An empty glue (stationary)
13.) An empty perfume bottle (beauty products)
What I want to eliminate next week:  I realized that I am somehow using a lot of glue and tape to fix things, ao maybe I can find less waste- producting alternatives. Sorting out sentimental papers will be likely to go on for a while this holidays. As for the stamps, I am planning to use them up, but not to buy new sheets.

week 10 (10 - 17.07) (partly while vacation)
1.) & 2.) 2 bottles of nail polish, I threw away while cleaning up my make up products (beauty products)
3.) A used razor blade (I am just waiting for this things to just get used up) (beauty products)
4.) Tape remains (other plastics)
5.) & 7.) plastic receipts of a pack of ink eraser, I got from my father. (stationary)
6.) A receipt (paper)
8.) 2 empty pens, I threw away while cleaning (stationary)
9.) A pack of chocolate cookies (A week ago, I- finally- found cacao butter what I will use to try to make chocolate again!) (food packaging)
10.) Hair (other)

week 11 (17 - 24.07) (partly while vacation)

1.) The deodorant bottle I cut open to fill it into a smaller bottle while packing for summer vacation. beauty products)
2.) Small plastic packaging pieces and banaa stickers. (other plastics)
3.) 3 paper tissues I used for some reason (tissues)
4.) A wet wipes box. (I am not using wet wipes anymore) (beauty products)
5.) 2 receipts (paper)
6.) Some hair. (other)
7.) A staple, one part of a push button and an empty ink cartrige (other)
8.) A plastic bag I do not use anymore. (it is broken) (other plastics)
9.) Razor blade holder. (beauty products)

week 12 (24 - 31.07) (while tidying)

1.) A picture frame, I disposed (tidying trash)
2.) Empty razor blade holder (beauty products)
3.) 3 emty cosmetic product bottles (tidying trash)
4.) 2 book covers I disposed (tidying trash)
5.) 2 bathing product's packaging (I finally used them up!) (beauty products)
6.) 8 make- up products (tidying trash)
7.) Not assignable plastic (other plastics)
8.) A receit (paper)
9.) A string bookmark (tidying trash)
10.) Diffrent kinds of plastic & other stuff, I found in my room (tidying trash)
11.) Old fimo (tidying trash)

week 13 (01 - 07. 08) (while tidying)

1.) An old waterbottle I replaced with a bigger one (tidying trash)
2.) A variety disposed items (tidying trash)

week 13 (08 - 15. 08) (while tidying)

1.) Used up toothpaste (I am now brushing my teeth with water only)  (beauty products)
2.) A disposed bookmark and thick threat (tidying trash)
3.) 2 emty glues. I am now making my own glue (stationary)
4.) A hand fan I disposed (tidying trash)

week 14 ( 16- 27.08)

1.) A broken bikereflector (broken)
2.) Not assignable plastic (other plastics)
3.) A used razor blade (bauty products)
4.) A receipt(paper)
5.) 2 used staples (stationary) 
6.) Plastic parks I cut off somewhere to make a box (other plastics)
7.) Tape remains (stationary)
8.) Rivet- packaging remains (packaging)
What I want to eliminate next week: My tidying marathon related waste is over, but as you can see, I am still producing a lot of trash. I am using up my razor blades (2 left) at the time and also try to use less tape (I have to reattach it quite often for some reason)

NOTE: I now started to compost my hair and nails, so this will not be listed on my trash reports any further.
Furthermore, I decided to update my waste and paper monthly, because I feel like I am at a point to do so. At the last day of month, I am going to post an update

month 4 (in bracelets: is it avoidable?)
1. 2 cookie packages (yes, by eating homemade cookies)
2. & 3. a choclate packaging (yes, by eating homemade chocolate)
4. 2 expired cards (maybe, if you own less cards)
5. 2 broken nails, I found in my room (yes, if I did not attach this nails in the first place)
6. an empty tape role (yes, by not using tape (but what to replace it with?))
7. 7 empty ink cartriges (yes, by either writing less or using a writing utensil that does not consume cartriges)
8. a broken filing clip wire (yes, by not using filing clips. At the time, I find them really helpful though)
9. glass shards (yes, if you are not clumsy)
10. A purchase label (from a present) (maybe, if you do not buy stuff like this anymore. I do buy presents for other people though)
11. tape remains, quite a lot of them (as 6)
12. a receipt (not that I knew)
total items: 13

month 5
1. 5 receipts (not that I knew)
2. I bought 2 packages of push buttons that I applied using a rivet plier. Within the packages, however, there also always is a "mini- rivet plier" and equiptment for it. (Maybe, I can purchase push buttons on the internet, where I really ony receive the buttons)
3. Plastic packaging remains (buying thigs unpackaged)
4. The last used razor blade (finally) and the razor as well as a broken hairbrush (not using razors and being mor careful with your belongings)
5. 2 braclets I no longer wear (not buying/ accepting so much stuff, especially if you are insecure about your style preferences)
6. 2 empty ink cartriges (yes, by either writing less or using a writing utensil that does not consume cartriges)
7. stamp leftovers (not using stamps or making them yourself)
8. random waste: a small chain pendant, I once made, a part of a checkcard and another piece of plastic.
total items: 28

month 6

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