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Hello, everybody!
Since I recently cleaned up my sentimental papers, I glued some of them into my memory book . Last week, I used up 2 glue sticks. As I am observing my waste, I did not miss to notice that this is a lot of plastic been thrown away.

Why is regular glue bad for the enovirement?
First of, glues are made of incrediby much plastic compared to the actual glue part. While a whole glue stick weights 45 grams, only 20 grams are the actual glue, that it used to stick things together. So more than half of the glue is going to the trash. But also the glue part itself is critical. They mostly contain a variety of chemical ingredients. Even if you do not throw them away, they are released into the enovirement when you open the glue stick. When you throw something away that you put glue on. (source)

And what about healthy?
As for health, it is easy to determine that regular glue is not healthy to breath in or absorb through your skin. For one thing, it has a nasty smell that sticks even month after you glued the paper. And seccondly, you certainly would not eat you glue, even if it was split up into it's ingedients. So, it is safe to say that glue is not good for your helath.

Is there an alternative?
When I decided to make my own glue, all i had seen so far, were complicated tutorials on how to make glues with a lot of fancy ingredients, so I questioned whether I would even find an easy one.
My worries, however, were quickly proved uneccessary.
On smarticular.net I found an easy recipe(German)that I implemented directly.

The recipe:
You need only 2 ingredients: flour and water. Mix those 2 together and you have your glue.

Not only is this recipe extremely simple, it is also flexible in use. If you use a lot of water, you can put your glue into a bottle to sprinkle it of into a flat mason jar to apply it with a brush. This glue is strong enough to stick paper and cardboard. If you want your glue to be stronger, increase the amount of flour in the recipe. By experimenting with the ratio, you can change your glues liquidity and strength.My ratio for the glue was 50:50.
So, as you can see, the recipe is really simple. The glue does not smell, is biodegedable, not toxic and can even be eaten. Most importantly, not half of it is plastic packaging that is going to be disposed after used. After using the glue a few times, I am very satisfied with the result.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I would highly recommend only storing the flour in a jar and mix the glue right before you use it. If you let the flour- water- glue stand for a few days, it starts to smell funny, so better use it fresh.

So, I highly recommend this recipe, hope you enjoyed this post and wish you a nice day,

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