As I said, I will develop more specific articles on the steps I covered in my exchange student philosophy article. I will start with the first one, FOCUS.
That is, not only to let you know more specific information but also to observe my own progress. As stated in the article, I drove away from this philosophy after returning from Japan and now want to go back there, just in a more organized way. So, additionally to the more specific information, I will give you in this post, I will also depict my own progress on this step.


About 8 month ago, I talked about the KonMari method, a method to tidy your house perfectly, what means only keeping items that you love. Given that these are usually the minority of your things, one may see her as a minimalist and her method as a way to achieve minimalism. So I thought about 8 month ago and still about one month ago, when I actually realized the method. Now, in course of events, I have changed my mind.


One of my favorite songs is one by SIXX:A.M., called "Skin" It portrays the message, that we are not who we re looked at from the outside and what people think about us- not our skin.
When I was downsizing my possessions recently, I came along a phenomenon quite similar to defining us through other people's opinion. Defining us through our stuff.


When I was to Japan as an exchange student, I acted really differently from how I behaved at home. This was due to different circumstances surrounding me as well as my own changed mindset. As I found, this behaviour lead me to be extremely productive, positively busy and happy. Today, I want to share this principle with you.


Hello, people.
I used to think, that scanning your photos to get rid of them physically, was stupid. Now I did so myself.
But, first things first, why did I dislike this matter?


(source) (note: yes, I still do use plastic toothbrushes as on the picture)
Hello, everyone!
Today, I was to the dentist. While this is not really an event, I look forward to, this time, I was curious. For the last 3 month I had been brushing my teeth only with water.


Hello, everyone.
A few weeks ago, I saw a TED talk, called "The habits of highly boring people", given by Chris Sauve. Among other advice Sauve explained, how you brain focus works. As a matter of fact, our brain is only capable to handle about 7 things at the same time. This "things" can be anything; tasks to complete, issues to worry about, interesting ideas, new habits to adopt,.. If we look at ourselves, however, we will find that we try to handle a lot more things at a time and are therefore not very productive at this. The key is to focus on the most important 7 things, Sauve says.