As I said, I will develop more specific articles on the steps I covered in my exchange student philosophy article. I will start with the first one, FOCUS.
That is, not only to let you know more specific information but also to observe my own progress. As stated in the article, I drove away from this philosophy after returning from Japan and now want to go back there, just in a more organized way. So, additionally to the more specific information, I will give you in this post, I will also depict my own progress on this step.

The step:
Focus is the first and important step of the method, the one, all the followings rely on. Without focus, you cannot simplify, build routine and accomplish things perfectly.
Realizing this step means to define your goals.
There is a theory that states, that our brain can only comprehend around 7 information at once. (more information). More recent studies set this number even lower, saying that 4 is the accurate number of items, the brain can hold at once. (more information). Whether this is the actual number, is questionable, the bottom line is, that our brain can only handle a restricted number of items at once, most likely around 5 items.

So, it makes only sense to focus on only a restricted number of things, not only momentarily but in your life generally speaking. These goals are activities, you are willing to invest a lot of time, energy and concentration in doing, things you are so passionate about that you want to accomplish them till perfection.
This lines may lead you to the immediate conclusion what these 5 things are in your life, it is, however, more likely that this description seemingly fits all your goals, that extend the number of 5 by far. A helpful thing to do there is making a list of all your current goals and focusses. Write down everything that you are working on or thinking about working on currently. Then, try to figure out the 5 most important things on the list. If this is too difficult for the beginning, start with 10 items and then downsize from there. The criteria to pick the items should be whether you have a passion for this very thing. Exclude other people or circumstances from your thinking process and just focus on your own opinion.
If you could freely choose 5 items of this list to start working on alone and from scratch, which would you pick? 
is the question to ask.
The focusses we are talking about here are somewhere between specific goals and topics for your life. It are goals in a way that you want to accomplish something, but not in a certain way or until a certain point. The goals are as simple as "Study Spanish" what makes them topic- like.

Once you have chosen your goals, you can go on with the steps. The goals are now referred to as focusses, these are the things you will strive to do perfectly (step 3), the rest of your activities (that you need to do, we will come to that in the next step), you will simplify (step 2), build routines of (step 5) and do it directly (step 4). The rest of your time is freetime. So, the basic distribution of your time goes like this:

My progress:
In order to perform the first step, I made a list of my projects (post on this) and then choose 5 items, I consider the most important and valuable for myself. My outcome were these 5 items:
1. school
2. blogging
3. Japanese
4. Portuguese
5. fashion
While I am pretty clear about the first 3 items, I am still questioning whether studying Portuguese and styling myself (including sewing) is really one of my major goals  in life. On top of that, it is still a big thought shift for me to think of my time to be distinguished in just my goals, routines and freetime. Oddly enough, I feel the most weird about my freetime. I still think that I should be very productive and progressive in this time, what is not in the sense of this philosophy. Freetime is completely free and this is something I still struggle with.

update: (19th november 2016)
Looking over this goals again, I can say that I have become pretty certain, that these are the things, I want to soly focus on in the next time. All five points are activities, I engage in almost daily and see as very important aspects of my life. Thus, I think that I can move on to the next step: DO IT PERFECTLY (-->)

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