I read another book and learned some other lessons;

All of us have a navigation system inside ourself, but most people switch it off.

The universe is like a navigation system; the route can be racalculated every time.

If you recalculate your navigation system, you got to have a strong sign.

Tears tell us that something is important, they are sometimes the only way of the heart to tell the rest, that it understood something.

Every door leads somewhere.

Whenever you don't know how, get you a who, somebody you admire and think what he would do.

Almost everything seems weird until you do it yourself.

How far is my playground filled with dreams? 

The more you resonate with your purpose for existing, the more people are attrackted to you.

Don't always call in sick, do sometimes call in happy and healthy.

Who am I to not do it?

Memories belong to us forever, oyu cannot lose them.

Time is an important investment.

How much worthy time for your money?

If you have no power to do something: don't do it, just observe.

Adventure is unequal staying home.

Define yourself, observe yourself from the outside, behave according to who you are. 

And a few other lessons from another book (of the same author: Life Safari):

Celebrate small successes.

We select our own challenges and the universe reminds us of them.

All people are roles inour theatre play.

Everything is reality.

 If one did everything, he could do, one has to learn to let go.

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