Last week, I was on a school trip in Berlin. Since Berlin in an enormously big and interesting city, we enjoyed an enormously lot of sightseeing. Well most of the time, our smartphones enjoyed the sightseeing, being held up above everyone's heads, having photos taken of more or less everything, being carried to every single step of the sightseeing.

For sure, I carried my smartphone as well, but I made an experiment; I did not take any photos during the trip. No selfies, no sightseeing pictures, no status photos, no random photos, no landscape photos and no pointless photos. I did this almost. I took 2 photos:
The first one was taken in a clothing store, where I went. I bought nothing, but got inspired by some piece of clothing, I might sew myself. Most of the time, I wrote my ideas down, but in this particular case, I wanted to capture the whole outfit and took this photo.
The second photo, I took at my last evening when I was out jogging. For some reason, this particular place in Berlin, that is seen on the photo, makes me incredibly happy. While jogging, I thought to myself, how beautiful life is and took this photo.

Writing this, I feel that the less photos I take, the more worthy becomes a photo. for sure, there is story behind every photo, but because of the great amount of photos, the story is mostly always the same and we forget a lot about it.
Taking no photos was easier than I thought. I just enjoyed everything and felt relieved in a way that I did not have to stop somewhere and take a photo or care about which angle is the right or think whether to even take a photo or not. This way, I have the feeling that I enjoyed the city more, felt less stressed and had things better in memory.
I love photography, but doing it always is stressing me out. That is, I belive, because there are 2 kinds of photography:
1. The documentary photography (the one, that is stressing me out) This means to use photos to record your life, to take photos of your food, your face, where you go and who you meet. You basically have to take a photo every few minutes, when there is something new, interesting or funny happening. Doing this, I feel that I do not document my life, but live to document it. No fun without photos. No great moment without hundreds of pictures taken. Plus, it also costs a lot of time to sort through all pictures, decide which to keep, store them in (digital) folders and maybe adjust them to posting. (example)
2. The hobby photography (the one, I love) This kind of photography is not meant to be that personal. It is meant to show something, something extremely beautiful or impressive or interesting, maybe also something sad. It sometimes moves people or motivates them, makes them think or makes them forget everything around. Taking photos here means to invest time and energy in the process of photography, chosing a motif, angle, lightening and zoom, taking the picture just in the right moment. (example)

So, to keep what I like and get rid of what is causing me stress, I thought about something called the photo day. This works a little like my online time; a specified time slot, that I take photos in, just that it is a whole day, a day of the week. So, I chose, say, Wednesday to be my photo day, so thins day, I will take photos as much as I like. So, whenever I come across something beautiful or interesting this day, I can take efforts to photograph it and practice photography kind 2. The other days, I do not take photos, if I see something beautiful, I will just enjoy it and let it stay as a memory.
This way, there is no pressure to document photograph something, because a life documentary cannot just include Wednesdays.
I am looking forward to this being my next experiment and I will let you know about my experience in 2 months (9th of december, 2016)

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