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In the zero waste community, going paperless is a widely discussed topic. While there are different approaches as to how reduce you paper consumption exactly, everyone agrees that replacing paper- consuming behaviours with digital behaviours is more ssustainable and greener. On the surface, this really makes sense: paper has to be produced endlessly over and over again, it's production causes deforestation and it is processed with aggressive chemicals as well. Digital use, however, only requires one object, the computer, that lasts almost forever.
I doubt that.


No false assumptions! I was to Japan till the very last day, I was supposed to be there and there wasn't a tragic event or something comparable happening either.
But I will not continue my diary entries about this and this is why:


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As talked about previously, gifts (especially those on christmas) cause a lot of waste, because most of them are not really wanted or enjoyable and are thrown away quickly. (more information) A large part of the reason for this I see in the fact, that they are materialistic and can, in themselves not make happy or have emotional value. Even if they made a person happy at some point in time, once they are not so enjoyable, they get thrown away anyway. (more information)


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A week ago, I posted my thoughts about christmas considering waste production and suistainability. I showed that considering this aspects, christmas might not be such a good feast after all. But this waste is, to some degree avoidable.
Today, I want to look at christmas from a minimalist perspective, considering the things, we purchase that are associated with christmas and whether or how I want to change that.


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So, november has arrived and that means that also december is around the corner and that means that it is christmas time. Well, judging by the shop's products it is christmas time already in september, but that's another story. I don't really know how I feel about christmas right now. To break it down a little, today, I want to talk about christmas from a zero waste perspective. I plan to publish another post tackling the subject from a minimalist point of view soon.