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As talked about previously, gifts (especially those on christmas) cause a lot of waste, because most of them are not really wanted or enjoyable and are thrown away quickly. (more information) A large part of the reason for this I see in the fact, that they are materialistic and can, in themselves not make happy or have emotional value. Even if they made a person happy at some point in time, once they are not so enjoyable, they get thrown away anyway. (more information)

Gifts, that do not end up in the waste circle are either non- materialistic gifts or consumables. As I myself I am starting to prepare christmas gifts at the time, I am going to give you some ideas, what this gifts could be:

non- materialistic gifts/ coupons:
concert/ festival tickets
cinema tickets
coupon for a massage
coupon for a restaurant
coupon for a picnic together
coupon for going camping/ hiking together
tickets for a museum/ theme park
coupon for going swimming together
classes in a language/ art/ coaching
private lessons in something, you are good at
lottery tickets
coupon for cooking together
coupon for activities like mini golf or skating
coupon for a service of you (cleaning/ massaging/ cooking)
coupons for travelling/ backpacking somewhere together
gift cards for online providers (iTunes, steam, netflix etc.)

cookies, cake, other selfmade sweets
mug cake (easy recipe)
zero waste personal care products (shampoo, deodorant, etc.)
zero waste wellness products (bathing salt, perfume, etc.)
bringing food
selfmade cosmetics
prepared frozen meals

These gifts often are far more enjoyable than materialistic ones and do not end up in the trash bin.

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