No false assumptions! I was to Japan till the very last day, I was supposed to be there and there wasn't a tragic event or something comparable happening either.
But I will not continue my diary entries about this and this is why:

Writing this Japan- diary was kind of fun in the beginning, because I recapped a lot of the memories there and there were some things, I understood a little better in retrospect. But in the progress of writing, it quickly became something, that I had to force myself to do. Nothing wrong with that. There are frequently things, I force myself to do. 
It becomes a problem, when I don't see a purpose in the activity anymore. Let me explain it to you:

There are things, you like and see a purpose in doing. Those things are often hobbies.
Other activities may serve no purpose, but bring fun anyway, like playing around, surfing etc.
As said above, there may also be things, that have a purpose, but are not too much fun to do, like school homework.
Once the thing serves no purpose and isn't something, you enjoy, your brain defends them. It wonders, for good reason, why you have to do something so pointless and so not enjoyable.

Whenever I started writing this entries, I had to use a lot of willpower to force myself to do it and I hated doing it. Having written the entry, however, did not make me feel successful or like I achieved something. It just felt a little pointless. So, it got my wondering, why I was writing this posts then. I found two reasons: 1.) To reinforce and keep my memories and 2.) to have a nice blog content.
1.) is pointless. Memories worth keeping stay, whether I write them down or not. Memories are not located in diaries or photos but in our very brain cells, that can recall them. After all, I don't want to spend my days remembering but living.
2.) was more an excuse for myself, I guess. There are plenty of topics, that would make a way more interesting blog post and maybe attract more readers. So, I was pretty much left with 1.)
Writing, again, does not keep the memories. Extremely good or bad memories stay, no matter, what you do. (more about that: 1, 2)

So, I saw no purpose in this blog posts. Neither did they make me feel anything but like I am wasting my time. 
That's why I am going to quit them. The rest of my time in Japan, to say the least, was amazing and a great learning experience and I definitely want to go back there one day. I am still in contact with a lot of great people, I met there, what I am really happy about. I kept my interest in Japanese culture and language and am still learning.

The last thing, I am no going to do is to finally recycle my leftover diaries, I composed there. 
Three less objects and a little more happiness.
Have a nice day.

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