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It can be hard to find a system to declutter and sort your possessions to become minimalist. Ironically, systems to become more minimalistic often lack simplicity. They propose a ton of questions to ask and discarding stages to go through until an object is discovered worth keeping or something for the trash.

I found a video that proposes a really simple system, that I am going to explain here. (video here)
This system divides objects into three categories: tool, treasure or trash.
tool: something that you use (ideally frequently) and therefore need to do certain things. When you thing about these items, you would be okay with them getting replaced by alike items, but would not want to give them away altogether.
treasure: something, that is not useful in any way, but you want to keep, because of its value. Often, these are decoration or sentimental items, that do not have functional but mental value. You would not like to give them away nor get them replaced.
trash: the rest. These are things, that you do not need for your daily life or wellbeing and can be discarded.

Puting an item into a categories helps a lot to decide whether to keep it or not.
I would call this system an upgradce of the KonMari method, who basically only included the latter 2 categories: an item either "sparks joy" (is a treasure) or it does not (is trash) Only in her second book, she briefly explains, that also tools, that might not "spark joy", but are useful, should be kept as well.
This system now includes all three categories. It is easy to handle and simple as well as really efficient. Try it out!

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  1. I love this post! I hope that you find the 3 T's as helpful as I have! Many blessings on your journey :)

    -Shoeless Joe


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