I like learning languages. It's interesting. Today, I want to introduce you to the tool that helps me learning languages. In fact, I would say that this is the tool responsible for me liking languages.


It's been almost 50 days since the New Year has started. Have you kept up with your new year's goals? Do you even remember them?


Write down 10 reasons to be rich/ productive/..., take the first three and visualize them every day.

Not try, but do.


Any deed, that gives money to factory farming, won't stop factory farming.

What a kind of world would we create, if activated our mercy and mind three times a day, as soon as we sat down on the table, if we raise our moral fantasy and started our pragmatic will to change our nutrition habits fundamentally?


I counted my belongings the 2nd time

So, almost half a year has passed since I counted all of my belonging in my room the first time. Although back then, I said that I would update in one year, I kinda felt like repeating it already now, since I felt like I had get rid of quite some stuff.