Any deed, that gives money to factory farming, won't stop factory farming.

What a kind of world would we create, if activated our mercy and mind three times a day, as soon as we sat down on the table, if we raise our moral fantasy and started our pragmatic will to change our nutrition habits fundamentally?

Mercy is a muscle, that can be trained.

If it's not okay to abuse animals, how can it be okay to kill them?

When accept it (the death of an animal), I basically accept everything else as well.

It is as if you would witness somebody drowning and get upset about how somebody could throw him in the water so heartlessly and then go on without pulling out the person.

We don't need the freedom to purchase meat from factory farming.

Sometimes, one simply gas to do the right decision, because one's conscience tells one, that it is right. (Martin Luther King)

Don't judge somebody, until you walked a moon long over his mocassins.
(Indian wisdom)

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